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Stitch Shop

This new digitizing software has the powerful cross stitch function similar with Origins,Wilcom and Autostitch,the feature includes: True Cross Stitch fill(Size control) image processing: image and color recognition, accurate color matching. This graphics shareware Stitch Shop is categorized under cross stitch.

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Software that digitizes scanned graphs. Graphs can be loaded in nearly all common image formats (incl. gif,tiff,jpeg,bmp,png) or pasted from the clipboard . Digitizing of line and scatter plots occurs automatically, manual digitizing is also possible. Data values are transformed to a specified axes system and can be saved in ASCII format, ready to use in many other applications. Axes can be linear or logarithmic scale. Can handle tilted graphs. DigitizeIt is a shareware software filed under science and graphics, engeneering, physics, chemistry, biology utilities.

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This software is comprehensive, feature-rich graph editor, as well as a curve fitting and digitizing tool for engineers, scientists and graduate students. Convert plots back to X,Y data from any published report for later processing and manipulations. The program offers 10 generic fits, including Linear Regression, Logistic Functions, Fourier approximation, Neural Networks, plus a library of over 120 industry-specific formulas. FindGraph is a shareware software filed under mathematics, science, cad, graphics utilities.

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Raster To Vector

This graphics tool converter is the most powerful and absolutely free solution for digitizing vector data from image sources. It combines the power of outline vectorizing technology with many other unique features. This freeware is archived under graphics, design tools, illustration, cad category.

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LAB Fit Curve Fitting Software

Curve fitting (fit), nonlinear regression, treatment of data, basic statistics, error propagation, 2D and 3D graphs, confidence band, uncertainty, error bars, extrapolation, chi-square, correlation coefficient tests, covariance matrix, math tools. This shareware is archived under math category.

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xyExtract Graph Digitizer

The "xyExtract" software is used for to extract data from a 2D graph (orthogonal and nonorthogonal axes) contained in a graphic file (scanned, PDF document or in a some file like gif, jpg, etc). The graphic file must be saved in a bitmap file. xyExtract Graph Digitizer is a shareware software filed under math utilities.

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QuickVoice for OSX

QuickVoice's elegantly designed interfaces facilitate one-click operation for most features such as: recording, playback, voice emaiing and voice stickies creation. Recording is seamless and easy, simply click and speak! QuickVoice for OSX is licensed as shareware and placed in audio, multimedia audio file recorders section.

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Grab It! XP

Digitize graphs and charts quickly with our Excel based spreadsheet software. Log, linear, date and time scales, distance measurement and angle determination capability also. Free upgrades forever! Graphics demo Grab It! XP is listed in math, engineering, science, spreadsheets tools.

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