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The Component Inspec...

nogoop .NET Component Inspector

The Component Inspector allows you to inspect and execute any .NET code (application, class, or component). The inspector includes the following: Event Logging - View the events generated as a result of the execution of any object. Examine the all event information related including the stack trace and event object; Visual Design Surface - Examine and modify the behavior of visual components at both design and runtime. Construct arbitrary combinations of controls; Object Browser - Examine and modify the contents of any objects; Method Execution - Execute methods on any object; Drag/Drop Object Creation - Create an object of any type; Intelligent Object Browsing - Presents common classes (IList, etc) without internal details, allowing you to easily and directly access the contents; Direct Execution - Directly execute any application, class or control without writing any code. This development tools software is listed under .net tools, components.

Keywords: stack trace method execution design surface ilist object creation object browser internal details arbitrary combinations animals lion data backups

The ActiveX/COM Insp...

nogoop ActiveX/COM Inspector

The ActiveX/COM Inspector allows you to inspect and execute any ActiveX control. It works with controls and typelibs automatically showing the documentation associated with classes and members. Quickly find out how a control behaves using event logging, a visual design surface, method execution and property inspection. Use it to help understand Automation interfaces (for example MS Office), and to help with developing Addins. Features include showing COM running objects, dynamic creation of ActiveX objects, automatic links to documentation for the classes, visual design surface, type lib browsing, event tracing, class casting, and automatic migration of COM typelibs to .NET assemblies. This development tools software is listed under activex tools, component inspector, object browser.

Keywords: dynamic creation migration surface type ms office design surface activex objects example ms method execution activex control type lib automation batch processor long lost

Provides features no...

nogoop Java HTTP Client

Provides features not found in the Sun HttpURLConnection implementation: NTLM support, many different timeout options, tracing, source code availability, and quick support. Completely plug-compatible with HttpURLConnection. nogoop Java HTTP Client license is shareware and it is listed in http, java component software.

Keywords: source code availability timeout options httpurlconnection ntlm sun stochastic models computer easy

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