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pmaCalc combines a scientific calculator, binary arithmetik for programmers, and unit converter in an interesting package. In addition to a fair range of scientific functions, it has an unusual numeric stack, and a binary mode that supports decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary arithmetic, with a full complement of logical operators and bit manipulation instructions. It has7 lines: hex, oct, dec, bin, ascii, 2's compl. and roman. Each line is clickable for new data input. The others immediately reflect that data input in their respective bases. You can enter expressions by pressing buttons or by typing them in (it's advisable to take care with the syntax), and the stack offers a flexible alternative to the usual memory functions. You can use fixed,floating and sci. point modes. Other features include a Euro converter that handles all European Union currencies, 150+ Units and 500+ Convertions. pmaCalc license is freeware and it is listed in calculators software.

Keywords: binary mode memory functions octal manipulation instructions hex hexadecimal expressions scientific calculator full complement oct dec euro converter convertions binary arithmetic unit converter european union new data logical operators data input programmers ascii racing car working space

Onlineeye optimizes ...

Onlineeye Pro

Onlineeye optimizes PC Internet performance. The real-time Graphic Analyzer separately measures download and upload speed/time. A zoomable and printable graph shows 24 hours of speed history, allowing you to see what Internet activity took place when you were away from the computer. The active taskbar icon graphs the current speed. The networkmonitor shows every internetactivity of your DSL connection and let you unmask all spys ! Onlineeye works with virtually all types of network connections: phone modems, DSL, Routers, cable modem, LAN, satellite, and more. - Measure and Graph your Online/Network Connection - Realtime Networkmonitor - Control your Up/Downloadrate at a month base - Historical Graph - Up/Downloadvolume for the last 24h - Control your Onlinetime - Checks for Internet-Spyware - Whois connected to your Computer ? - How fast is your Provider ? - Ping, WhoIs, Trace, Dialer, PortScanner - Internet Dialer - Remote Control - Client/Server: Share your Connection - Disconnect/Redial if activity drops below a certain level - Warning Messages if a certain time level is reached - Stopwatch to accurately time downloads - Helps you to be protected against network threats. dsl and isdn networkmonitor anti-spyware portscanner dialer shareware listed in dsl and isdn networkmonitor anti-spyware portscanner dialer section.

Keywords: internet dialer internet activity internet performance spys dsl routers whois time level taskbar icon upload speed speed time lan satellite stopwatch pc internet 24h unmask dsl connection printable graph phone modems server share network threats tracking tools visual basic scripting

DeskCalc is a fully ...

Deskcalc Pro

DeskCalc is a fully featured adding machine with the functions you expect from a mechanical adding machine plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment. Features include a check-strip with comfortable text input per position, correction possibilities (rectifying, adding and deleting values), built-in formula interpreter, sales tax functions, cache (memory function), percentage calculation, EURO-conversion, floating point- and fixed point-calculation, subdivision into thousands, fast correction key, display of the results in task strip and window title line, printing with heading and date/time, Excel-export. Deskcalc Pro is a audio software.

Keywords: windows environment cache memory interpreter line printing date time text input point calculation position correction possibilities euro conversion memory function sales tax percentage calculation f12 calculator applet

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