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VideoLab VCL

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL OpenWire components for fast video processing. Allows fast complex video manipulations with zero lines of program code. The library supports huge number of formats and technologies. Free for non-commercial use. VideoLab VCL is licensed as shareware and filed in development delphi section.

zero lines directshow filters mixture

VideoLab .NET

VideoLab is a set of .NET 2.0 components for fast video processing. They allow fast complex video manipulations with just few lines of program code. The library supports huge number of formats and technologies. Free for non-commercial use. VideoLab .NET is licensed as shareware and filed in development c and c++ and c# section.

waterfall playback custom filters


This graphics tool turns an image into a virtual fluid, to produce flowing, evolving transformations on its liquified surface. Liquib manipulations can be applied manually, or you can relax and be entertained by Automatic Effects, optionally with music. Liquib is a shareware software filed under graphic apps other utilities.

audio player graphics tool images

SignalLab VC++

The SignalLab is a set of Visual C++ components for fast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and data visualization. They allow fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code. Free for non-commercial use. Development Tools shareware SignalLab VC++ is listed in development c and c++ and c# tools.

format converters power spectrum noise generators

SignalLab VCL

Delphi/C++ Builder VCL components library for fast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and data visualization. Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code. Free for non-commercial use. This development tools shareware SignalLab VCL is categorized under development delphi.

digital signal processing waterfall c builder


MistyGrid is a java grid based on swing JTable. It can replace tJTable and a number of features are added without any coding. These include column manipulations, cell renderers and cell editors. mistygrid is licensed as commercial and filed in java grid, swing jtable, java applets section.

cells swing jtable preview support


This internet tool is designed to transfer any type of files from any of the web servers over the Internet. Allows ftp scheduling and bulky file transfers. Supports Server to server transfer, powerful intutive interface, and many more yet costs $10. Internet shareware 1UglyFTP is listed in ftp, alternative ftp clients, internet applications tools.

color scheme server transfer windows users


This software is an advanced visual cross-platform database management, development and conversion tool. Transfer data between databases, run SQL queries, view data and export result of the query to the Excel file, text file, xml file or SQL script. This commercial is archived under business databases, tools category.

ms access database management native database

TS-MIDI Editor

This audio software allows you to quickly and effectively correct the results of the automatic recognition (for example, by TS-AudioToMIDI). Features include editing a note's velocity, duration, channel, track, patch. Specific player is included. TS-MIDI Editor is a freeware software filed under audio midi, audio utilities, audio editors utilities.

midi editor time axis playback

WS Handy Keylogger

Have you ever wondered what your spouse, kids or employees have been doing on the computer and Internet? If you DO worry about these issues, you need a keylogger software. WideStep Handy Keylogger is just what you need! Utilities shareware WS Handy Keylogger is listed in security, privacy covert surveillance tools.

running processes monitoring software visual surveillance

Fast Mailer Pro

Ultra fast subscription-based mass mailer used by Internet professionals and online store owners, to notify their customer base about various events and promote their new products and services. It lets you import emails into the internal database. Fast Mailer Pro is a shareware software filed under e-mail utilities.


Useful Tool for Herb Practice! Main function of system: 1. inquiring of herbs knowledge including text and picture. 2. inquiring of formulas knowledge. 3. opened database that users can add personal knowledge to it. This shareware HerbPro is categorized under home, hobby health, nutrition.


A simple and convenient solution for complete access to your computer from a remote location - via email. Want to get data from your office computer while working at home? Leaving for a vacation with a notebook? The solution is WhereverUgo. WhereverUgo is licensed as shareware and filed in remote access, remote control, email section.


Windows based 32bit disassembler that supports XBE (X-Box), ELF and PE formats. This commercial is archived under disassembler category.


The most effective solution of saving your ideas. Don't waste your time to find the place to write. This freeware is archived under organizers, editors, notepads, desktop category.

Multi Replace Pro

Need to search and replace symbols, names, words, sentences or paragraphs in multiple files simultaneously? Get Multi Replace: an essential tool for writers, secretaries, programmers, web developers and other professionals. Try it for FREE now! This shareware is archived under system utilities automation tools category.


ARTBorders allows you to make your photos look unique by adding beautiful artistic borders and frames to them. ARTBorders can download new frames and borders from our web site. There are over 200 new frames and borders available on the web site! Graphics shareware ArtBorders is listed in graphic apps editors tools.

Protected Passwords Base

Means storing your passwords, logins and other confidential data in a encrypted password database.Major advantage over the other password managers is the ease of pasting passwords from the database to various forms and entry fields in applications. This utilities shareware Protected Passwords Base is categorized under passwords, security, encryption.

Total HTML Converter

A most efficient yet easy-to-use utility that converts html files to doc, pdf, xls, jpg, or txt files. The most difficult thing is to decide what format you need. Everything else is quite easy. You just select the files and the target format. Utilities shareware Total HTML Converter is listed in network, internet other tools.

JPEG To size

Single or Batch Resize and Convert images to JPEG. Free for single image conversions (No registration needed!). No Spyware, No Adware, No Malware, No Expiration Dates. Includes how-to video and manual. JPEG To size is a shareware software filed under graphic apps converters, optimizers utilities.


The utility for automating routine computer tasks. It can archive data, run windows applications, copy files and folders, send emails, start and stop NT services, etc. Tasks can be started by extended sheduler, system events, manually. xStarter is a shareware software filed under system utilities automation, system utilities backup, automation, schedulers, system utilities, launchers utilities.

ClearImage Tools

Professional ActiveX tools for VB C++ Delphi support extensive image manipulation, quality assurance, forms processing and other operations, in a fully automated batch framework, offer powerful functions intuitive controls and rock solid reliability. ClearImage Tools is licensed as commercial and filed in vb, c++, barcode, imaging section.

Advanced DWG Print

This graphics utility is an advanced printing solution for AutoCAD® based drawings (in DWG and DXF formats). Advanced DWG Print is usually used to automate large print jobs, where you would need to add different information to every drawing. Advanced DWG Print is licensed as shareware and filed in graphic apps cad section.

Hotkey Assistant

Powerful and easy-to-use hotkey manager. It provides you with additional means to control applications, files, folders, windows, and other system components. Additional functions for mouse buttons. Hotkey Assistant is licensed as shareware and filed in system management, file, disk management, keyboard, mouse, system utilities section.

WideStep Handy Keylogger

Handy Keylogger - Download Keystroke Recorder for internet monitoring here. Download Our Handy Key logger Spy Software for PC surveillance! Stealth keyboard monitor for family and business use! With Handy Keylogger you can: record key strokes, etc. This shareware is archived under security tools key loggers, utilities security, encryption, internet monitoring category.

AcuHerb TreatSoft

1 Treatment of diseases including prescriptions of points, earpoints and herbs. 2 Expert differentiating system. 3 Method to select points. 4 Management of invoice, inquirment, statistics, backup and recovery of patient cases. 5 Medical knowledge. AcuHerb TreatSoft is licensed as shareware and filed in home, hobby health, nutrition section.


This utility is a handy window enhancement utility with a wealth of options. You can set your own transparency options, hide, minimize, roll up, place window on top of all others, ghost it or even change window’s icon/title. Try it FREE now! This utilities shareware TweakWindow is categorized under os enhancement, shell enhancement, system utilities misc. utilities.

Advanced Find & Replace

Microsoft Excel add-in that much extends Excel's build-in Find. It allows you to search through all opened workbooks as well as to replace found items. Advanced Find & Replace is licensed as shareware and filed in business office suites, tools section.


This software is comprehensive, feature-rich graph editor, as well as a curve fitting and digitizing tool for engineers, scientists and graduate students. Convert plots back to X,Y data from any published report for later processing and manipulations. This education shareware FindGraph is categorized under mathematics, science, cad, graphics.


Calculate magic squares: odd, singly-even (n=4m+2), and doubly-even (n=4m) orders. Rotate, reflect, translate the matrix; exchange pairs of cells, columns, or rows. Save in a *.csv file and reload later. Home/hobby saMagicSquares is listed in math, games, education, miscellaneous tools.


Autostart of any files and portable software, once a USB flash drive or hard disk to the computer will connected. The autostart extension will be in the system control configured and working after the setup completely in the background. Utilities freeware AutoRunnerX is listed in system utilities launchers, task managers tools.


Software that in a utitlity you can use to "examine" windows. But unless most of the other tools available, you can also change properties of these windows to see their effect. WindowGags is licensed as freeware and filed in system tools section.


This software created a single HASH. SHA1 160bits, MD5/MD4 120bits, RIPEMD-128 128 bits RipeMD-160 160 bits, CRC32, SHA-256 256 bits SHA-384 384 bits SHA-512 512 bits and HAVAL 256 Freewareversion. You can test files for manipulations. DPASHA is a freeware software filed under system tools utilities.


Audio and video player, playlist editor, mp3 tags editor. Supported formats including MP3, WAV, MID, WMA, CDA, AVI, MPG, ASF, WMV, WM, SND, AU, AIFF, M1V, MP2. The list and played position saved automatically. M3U playlist editing. This audio shareware Player is categorized under players, mp3, mpeg, video players, audio players.

Wavosaur free audio editor

Wavosaur is audio editing software, allowing you to edit, play and record digital audio as well as applying effect in real-time. It has standard audio editing features, audio spectrum analysis and support for VST plugins & ASIO drivers. Wavosaur free audio editor is licensed as freeware and filed in audio, multimedia multimedia creation tools section.


Easy to use visual archive utility with 15+ popular formats support (ZIP, CAB, ARJ, RAR, LHA, TAR, GZ, ACE, JAR, UUE). Advanced functions: archive explorer, build-in images viewer, batch processing, archive converter, search engine,... ZipWave is licensed as shareware and filed in compression, archive, archives, archiver, archivers, backup, file utilies, utilities, disk utilities section.


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