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database software

SUPON by Syringa Software, Inc.

SUPON is a small, very friendly--yet powerful--database program for easy management of databases characterized by numerical order of items, e.g., music CDs, video DVDs, books, supermarket coupons--any set of objects that can be numbered and arranged/stored in numeric sequence. With SUPON, you specify database name and table headings, build/edit the data entries, and view/print the database in different ways for quick object(s) retrieval.

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unix data recovery software

Stellar Phoenix Solaris-Intel by Stellar Information Systems Ltd

Stellar Phoenix (Solaris - Intel) is NON-DESTRUCTIVE and READ ONLY file & volume recovery software that helps you in recovering your all-important data. Scans hard drive for missing volumes and presents a list of searchable volumes.Verifies integrity of corrupt data structures and builds file tree.Performs data recovery from Missing or Lost folders.Preserves most file attributes when restoring files & folders.

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asp software

MSCPack for Windows by Miraplacid

This software pack allows you to add compression abilities to your ASP scripts, blob support and execution of OS commands. MSCPack is a collection of Miraplacid Scripting Components. It includes MSCUpload 1.1, MSCGzip 1.1, MSCExec 1.1 and MSCBlob 1.1.

iis asp component vbscript com shareware components

desktop cleaner software

ClutterKiller by Data Go Round, LLC

Software utility that organizes your files and helps you maintain a clutter-free Desktop and File System. It separates your files and puts them where you want them. Files are organized into 6 categories: Audio, Archives, Documents, Pictures, Programs, & Video. It also has additional tools to help with organizing and cleaning clutter. You will be amazed at how much your productivity increases from a clutter-free environment. Pick a category and move selected files in to it.

file mover hide icons desktop cleaner hide desktop file organizer

spam blocker software

SpamBrave for Outlook Express by Digital Turtlets

SpamBrave is an Outlook Express plug-in that adds intelligent spam filtering functionality. You don't need to install a stand-alone program. SpamBrave controls are available right in Outlook Express. After installing SpamBrave, you will notice a new Outlook Express toolbar. Using this toolbar, you can train SpamBrave on what is and is not spam. Simply click the appropriate button and SpamBrave gets smarter.

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parent software

System Recon by Triosade Technologies

System Recon is a tool for Parents and Administrators to find and delete adult material from a system. With this software you can see where your kids or employees have been and what they have downloaded. Scan for more than just Pornographic material, System Recon allows you to create custom scan lists that give you the edge on finding files and websites that shouldn't be there.

scan parents hard drive control parent scanning

nutrigenie software

NutriGenie Atkins Controlled Carb Diet - Atkins for Life by NutriGenie

Meal planning software for Atkins Controlled Carb Program, Atkins for Life Program. Staying on the Atkins diet has never been so easy. Latest update of the Atkins diet software series. Its nutrition analysis automatically calculates the unique Atkins Net Carbs values (of over 8,000 food items) to help you stay on the Atkins diet.

weight diabetes fat health program planning


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