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opc .net software

OPCDA.NET by Advosol Inc.

OPC client development compone for .NET. OPC DA client applications. The OPCDA.NET component provides .Net classes and methods that take advantage of the .NET features and make OPC DA Server access real simple and highly efficient. The OPC DA functions are provided as methods with easy to use .NET friendly interface. Visual Studio .Net wizards create new OPC DA client applications or add OPC DA access functionality to existing applications.

opc client opc .net client opc toolkit opc .net

line count software

Practiline Source Code Line Counter by Practiline Software

Practiline Source Code Line Counter is a powerful source code line count software for developers and project managers. Ability to count code lines, comment lines and mixed code/comment lines in single files as well as entire directories. Preset (changeable) count rules for almost all types of source code files. Ability to easily add new file formats and define count rules and comment types. Extremely fast - counts entire projects in no time.

c cbl asm freeware program count

dot net code protection software

CliSecure .NET Code Protector Obfuscator by SecureTeam Software Ltd.

CliSecure is a .NET Code Protection and obfuscator that offers protection against reverse engineering of your code. This tool implements a unique code protection technology that blocks attackers from utilizing advanced code tampering techniques such as dumping assembly contents from in-memory.

secure ilasm obfuscation attack cli protect

microsoft reporting services software

Barcode Assembly for Microsoft Reporting Services by, Inc. provides barcode fonts, components and software applications that support several barcode types, including the latest RSS, Composite and 2D symbologies. Our custom assembly formats the data specifically for use with our linear barcode fonts, and to meet the specifications of the symbology laid out by the AIM and/or ANSI standards.

sqlserver 2000 visual studio barcoding microsoft reporting services .net assembly .net

support software

SupportMonkey 2002 by Nitro Technologies

For the majority of computer support desks, a large proportion of the time is spent collecting information about the clients system in order to diagnose the problem. Custom built 'Monkey's will retrieve an entire system configuration from any remote machine and email the report back to you instantly in XML or Text format, dramatically reducing the time you spend tracking problems. For a complete overview see

directly support system complete text helpdesk

game development software

Power Render by Egerter Software

Power Render is a general purpose software development kit for games and 3D visualization. This is the core file with all tools, documentation and C++ Libraries. Visit to download the rest of the SDK which includes examples, exporters, and sample content.

3d engine graphics game development engine programming

alarm software

GigAlarm by Sinner Computing

GigAlarm is a multipurpose alarm / reminder program, capable of running files and playing multimedia files (including MP3s). Other alarm actions include changing the background wallpaper, syncing the system clock via the internet, shutting down / restarting / logging off Windows, wave file playing and program / file running. GigAlarm also provides an instant shutdown ability via its Icon. GigAlarm installed requires under 250KB of HD space.

scheduler time restart resume alarm hibernate

puzzle software

Elite Jigsaw Puzzle by Alawar Entertainment\MediaResearchGroup

The fun of the game is to solve a jigsaw puzzle while listening to nice music. There are several picture sets and a varying number of pieces for you to select. Pieces may have queer shapes rotated to any angle so it's not as easy as it looks. No guesswork - once a piece is dragged to another piece you hear a characteristic click of a match.

elite game jigsaw puzzle entertainment while

encryption software

Lucigenic Crypt by Lucigenic Inc.

Lucigenic Crypt is a COM component that provides advanced cryptographic services for web servers, applications and scripts. Crypt implements the Blowfish, AES (Rijndael), Secure Hash Algorithm and the Base64 encoding algorithm. ECB, CBC, CFB and OFB modes are implemented. Encrypt files, file regions and strings. Compress and encrypt files and strings in a single step and create self-decrypting archives for files and strings.

cryptographic com services file secure hash algorithm base64 encryption

fileghost software

FileGhost by Assembly Developers

FileGhost is the security tool used to protect your files, folders or even whole volumes in various ways. You will be able to securely lock, hide, deny file reading, deny file writing, prevent deleting, copying, moving, renaming and replacing. Additionally you will be able to protect program access to by setting password or completely hide it. FileGhost is excellent supplement for antivirus, firewalls and other anti-malware software.

file encryption lock deny password prevent


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