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PROcessu Game Pack 1 by Virtual PROcessu Informatica Lda

PROcessu Game Pack 1 is a bundle with the new PROcessu Battleships 1.5 for Palm OS and the famous PROcessu Memory Game 1.6 for Palm OS, on a new version, made for your pleasure. Now you can purchase a PROcessu's game and take two. The cheap way to have fun.

memory battle battleships game navy war

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IdiomaX Mobile Translator by IdiomaX LLC

The IdiomaX Mobile Translator converts your Pocket PC or Smartphone into a mobile translation device that goes everywhere you do. Translate text, consult dictionaries, and conjugate verbs in five different languages without missing a beat in your busy schedule. Translation to/from English, Spanish, Italian and French are included.

mobile translator spanish translator pocket pc translator english to spanish translator smartphone translator english to spanish translation software


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