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ASP.NET CAPTCHA Control Component by ComponentForge

The AspXtremeCaptcha .NET web control & component that creates and validates image and sound CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart), which can easily be used from ASP.NET application with just drag & drop from the Visual Studio Toolbox, no need to modify the .config file. The control also offers a flexible way to customize the CAPTCHA control''s layout with template approach.

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ms sql software

Extended Stored Procedure class for VC++ by Leonid Belousov

Write Extended Stored Procs for SQL Server with ease: * Control over input/output procedure parameters. * Return an arbitrary number of recordsets. * And more...

extended sql dll server ods api ms sql

video chat software

Video Chat ActiveX OCX SDK by Viscom Software

Live Video Conferencing (Peer to Peer). Send live video messages using your webcam. Send live audio messages using your microphone. Programmatically select the web cam to use. Single frame and image sequence capture. Programmatically select the audio device. Compatible with any programming language that supports ActiveX (Access, Visual C++ , Visual Basic , Visual Foxpro, Delphi, .Net, etc.) Royalty free distribution of the OCX file.

video chat web cam video conferencing video

cd software

ZylBurner by Zyl Soft

ZylBurner is a CD and DVD burner Delphi & C++Builder component. It is based on NeroCmd utility, so it needs Nero Burning ROM to be installed. This component is very easy to use, it's ideal for developers for quick CD and DVD writing purposes from Delphi or C++Builder.

cd component component delphi cd burner

fileview software

FileView ActiveX Control by Sky Software

FileView ActiveX Control brings a drop-in Windows Explorer-like file and folder browsing listview UI to your application complete with Thumbnails, Details and Group Views, AutoUpdate, dragdrop, icons, contextmenus, non-filesystem items, infotips.Powerful customization features include display of custom items, custom columns, filtering, checkboxes and changing default contextmenus, icons and display names.

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xml software

XML Menu Suite by

The XML Menu Suite contains Rounded Menu Maker and Fast Menu Maker. Both programs allow you to create powerful, attractive, and feature-filled DHTML menus using XML or traditional JavaScript data. Both menus are styled with CSS.

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