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internet software - EMAILSERVER by XENTEC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - EMAILSERVER is an extensive email server with many functions. Unlimited user accounts, unlimited domains and sub-domains, unlimited email addresses and mailboxes, protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, ESMTP / EPOP3 / ESDML variable Domain Name Server, binding IP addresses, variable ports, listen server, blocking IP addresses and sockets, relay / forwarding user accounts or email addresses, anti-spam.

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save flash movies software

FlashFavorite by PiPisoft

FlashFavorite is an Internet add-on tool with a well-designed interface, which enables you to capture, and save Flash files from web page easily.

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community software

CommunityMate by RightSoft, Inc.

CommunityMate is fundamentally new solution for communities reading. Using this product, you will always be in-touch with favorite communities without constant manual checking them. It periodically polls your communities and notifies you once any new posts are detected.You can configure various filters to check only topics you're interested in. CommunityMate works with Usenet communities (newsgroups) as well as HTML-based forums.

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web software

Web Bubba by Whiz Kid Technomagic

Whether you are a public library required by law to filter out the web, a regular web user who is sick and tired of annoying ads, a parent who wants to protect his child, or anyone who needs to filter the web, the first step you need to do is include the unwanted domains in your hosts file redirecting them to localhost. Then install Web Bubba, a tiny web server which will replace the unwanted contents with a tiny invisible image.

unwanted http system easy part

freeware software

LanTopolog 2 by Yuriy Volokitin

Provides automatic physical network topology discovery, visualization and monitoring. Features: - Provide detailed and searchable physical network topology map so you can quickly isolate network connectivity failures. - Topology views show switch connectivity. - Network traffic monitoring. - Monitoring device's state in real-time. - Generating alarms when there are failures in the network.- E-mail alerts notifying.- Easy-to-use interface.

automatic discovery network discovery visualization monitoring

hirtle software

Password Security Vault by Hirtle Software

Password Security Vault stores your personal passwords as well as login names for Internet sites. Most Internet users have numerous web sites which they frequent that require memberships. Simply remember your password for this software and you can forget every other password since this program will keep track of them for you. Includes many handy features to make your web surfing a simple experience.

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