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xsd schema software

Liquid XML Data Binder by Liquid Technologies Ltd

Bridges the Gap between XML and Code (C++, C#, Java, Silverlight, VB.Net, Visual Basic 6). Generates a class library based on an XML Schema (XSD, XDR or DTD). The resulting library makes it simple to read and write XML documents programmatically, reducing time spent developing and testing. The class library is strongly typed so you can also make use of intellisense. The library forces compliance to the schema resulting in valid XML every time.

silverlight xsd schema c# binding xml

swing suite software

ComponentSet by Extreme Component, Inc.

ComponentSet includes JWizardPane, Layout Suite, JDirChooser, JCalendar, JFontChooser, JLinkButton, JSidePane, JSideBar, JStatusBar, JImageViewer, XTree, XCheckBox, XSeparator, AComboBox, JCardPane, JGridPane.

java gui component java wizard swing component java list view java calendar swing suite

.net software

BKResizer by Bill Koukoutsis

BKResizer gives your .NET Windows applications and controls resolution independence. BKResizer changes the size, location, and font size, scales the background and foreground images of controls as they are resized, without requiring you to write ANY code. It handles controls that are docked, anchored, nested or added at runtime. Control developers can use BKResizer to add resolution independence to their own controls!

independent window utility form class position

multimedia software

Active MP3 DJ Studio by MultiMedia Soft

Active MP3 DJ Studio is an ActiveX control that helps adding MP3 playback and mixing capabilities to applications: it's available in Light, Standard and Professional versions. Can perform sound playback, sound mixing, playlists management using the most diffused sound format MP3. Thanks to the use of DirectSound every player can have a separate control over the Volume, Pitch and Equalizer values. Visual feedbacks available for every player.

italy mixer software multimedia download equalizer

java software

Calendar Component Professional by Anticariat Online

Java Date Picker component ready to use in Swing applications provides: simple and documented interface, ready to use with hands-on sample code, skins styles support, combo box (date selection edit/button) support, multiple date selection, disabled dates support, null date support, status panel containing the Today and None buttons, special highlighting for weekends and month, adjacent months days turn on/off.

calendar date swing component java picker

help authoring software

DC Help Authority by EgyFirst Software , inc

Help Authority is a COM based component that allows you to assign a sensitive help for every control in within your form or even every column in your grid. It helps you write multiple help topics, assign them to different areas, and link to them from anywhere, down to the smallest grid and column. you can give your application a unique edge by making it more comprehensive, intuitive, and user-friendly. Instead of loading one large help file, it divides it into separate topics that describe each state, situation.

sensitive help context sensitive help help authoring dynamic help popup help context hrlp


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