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instant messaging software

VSL LanToucher Network Messenger by Vital Sound Laboratory

Designed as a WinPopup and "net send" replacement, LanToucher provides compatibility with Microsoft(R) WinPopup and Messenger Service. LanToucher is powerful, effective, yet easy-to-use network communication software which enables the users of your corporate or home network to exchange instant messages. Flexible, extensively customizable user-friendly interface; Multi-recipient sending; Three different state modes; Taskbar (system tray) support; Permanent message history; Advanced sound notification subsystem and pop-up engine.

popup instant messaging lantoucher messaging chatting

school software

SchoolBell by mn-software

With "SchoolBell" the bell system of a school or factory can be controlled. Features Easy to use! Use any wav-sounds. For some events special sounds can be configured. Times and description are free configurable. Colors can be set.

timer clock bell timers school schedule

data recovery software

DiskPatch by DIY DataRecovery

Data recovery software that restores data by repairing corrupt partition tables, master boot record (MBR) and boot sector. The utility can automatically repair damaged, corrupt or missing partitions and boot sectors. It addresses and repairs data in the most common cases of mass data loss including corrupt partition tables, accidentally deleted partitions, corrupt boot sectors, and bad hard disk sectors.

restore restore data partition corrupt partition boot sector undelete

internet eraser software

Privacy Fence by

Privacy Fence is Internet Eraser, it completely erases all your tracks on a computer with security algorithm approved by DoD and NSA, therefore your privacy is fully protected. It also cleans up Windows activities such as recycle bin, temporary folder, document history and clipboard. What's more, it has more than 200 plug-ins to erase tracks of popular applications, such as Microsoft Office, RealOne Player, Windows Media Player and ACDSee

privacy software one internet eraser privacy internet track eraser protect

digital camera software

Photo Captioner by

Swizzy Photo Captioner provides a simple way to quickly review and edit your digital photos. You can rapidly replace the generic names created by your camera with more meaningful oness. Add Windows compatible captions and keywords for searching. Rotate photos with no change in image size or quality. Restore camera (EXIF) info wiped out by other image editing programs. Set a Needs Work reminder for photos and review them later.

image exif go quickly rotating adding

backup software

MirrorFolder by Techsoft Pvt. Ltd.

Backup utility for automatic and real-time mirroring of folders/drives on local hard disk to another local/network/removable drive/disk. In real-time mode, it performs RAID-1 type of mirroring on local/network drives in software on per file basis and is capable of mirroring opened files. In auto-sync mode, mirroring is done at the specified time interval in the background. It uses little system resources and is integrated with Windows Explorer.

raid-1 backup software zip software raid mirrorfolder me


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