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unicode controls and classes for vb6 software

Unicode Controls for VB6 by Lorenzi Davide

A complete set of UNICODE classes and controls to turn your VB6 application into an UNICODE machine with very few changes in your code! Features: Win32 API Driven classes and usercontrols, Very fast and lightweight, Compatible with all Windows Platforms (UNICODE on Windows 2000+ systems), Fully compatible with original VB6 controls, Fully customizable, XP, Vista or Glass interface, MouseWheel event catch, Design directly in UNICODE!

custom controls ownerdrawn controls icon menu unicode controls and classes for vb6 ownerdrawn menu unicode controls

asp component software

Pivo Power Pack Component by Pivo Corporation

Pivo Power Pack allows the usage of all Pivo COM and .NET libraries making it easier to deploy and manage. The deployment is simplified by having 1 license key to unlock all Pivo COM and .NET libraries. Functionality which needs to be excluded can be removed by simply removing the appropriate assembly from the system.

email asp component power pack ping smtp security

http software

httpExplorer by Overture Computing Corp.

Used to examine unaltered http requests and responses intercepted with and without proxy. There are several views for the data. Raw view shows the data in bytes. Text view shows the headers in the request and response as well as the http payload. The list of requests and responses are also available in two different views. One view shows the summary of the request. The other view shows the actual sends and receives performed by the browser.

requests http trace examine proxy unaltered

virtual serial port activex control software

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX by ELTIMA Software GmbH

Virtual Serial Port is a powerful ActiveX Control that allows your application create custom additional virtual serial port and fully control it. Created virtual port looks like real serial port for other Windows applications. From your application you can control data sent to virtual com port by other applications and respond to them by sending your own data to virtual port, which will be received by other applications like from a real one.

create virtual serial ports full control application serial

calendar software

Exontrol! ExCalendar by Exontrol Inc. Software

The ExCalendar Library contains two ActiveX controls, simple version and drop-down version that allow you to select a date with a nice GUI. You can select the date between 1/1/100 and 12/31/9999, Both versions support images, colors, font attributes, tooltips for any date. Features include: NEW! ISO8601 compatible, Print and Print Preview support, NEW! .NET Ready / Tested with .NET RCW, simple and dropdown versions, multiple months...

date selector calendar month

database software

pcpmSqlGen by PCPM Software Limited

pcpmSqlGen generates SQL INSERT statements from SELECT statements. Use it to create test data from existing data, save data prior to test and then restore it after, distribute lookup tables to remote databases as scripts, quickly generate INSERTs without needing to remember column names.

inserts utilities programming generates sql pcpmsqlgen


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