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cd recovery software

IsoBuster by Smart Projects

IsoBuster is an expert and low cost utility to do data recovery from CD and DVD. All CD/DVD File-Systems are supported. Supports an enormous range of image files as well ! Comprehensive help file, Scanning for lost UDF files and folders, CD/DVD Surface scan. Find lost data on CD or DVD created with drag and drop applications (Direct CD, InCD, DLA, Instant-Write, ...) Find lost pictures created and saved to CD with Mavica or other requipment.

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cd data recovery software

DiskInternals CD and DVD Recovery by DiskInternals Data Recovery

Just finished burning CD or DVD, only to find out that some files appear to be corrupted or inaccessible? Power went out, while recording data? This solution will recover files from CDs and DVDs, including multi-session ones. CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVR+R, DVD-RW, DVR+RW and DVD-RAM. The program recovers any type of files - data, video, music, etc. The program supports ISO 9660, Joliet and UDF file systems. 100% Success Rate. Try it now!

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file compare software

Hex Comparison by

A binary file comparison and hex editor. It helps you to compare files in binary format, serving as a hex editor.Allow quickly compare two files and find every different. Show different with customizing color. Allow save comparison result to file. Go to any offset of file quickly. Create new binary file. Find synchronous position by double click.Scroll every different. Modify binary file or text file easily.Find binary or ASCII string easily.

hex compare binary editor hex comparison edit hex

password protection software

Exe Password by Salfeld Computer

Exe Password allows you to protect any EXE-file with its own password. In doing so, this password is stored directly in the EXE-file. It is extremely easy to add any password to a file: Just select the desired file on the desktop/in the start menu or in Explorer, choose the context menu (right mouse click), select password protection, enter password – finished. From now on a password must be entered when the EXE-file is started.

add password password protection lock file lock password generator exe password

windows software

PC Tweaker by SoftMajor

The PC Tweaker utility is designed for fine-tuning the system performances. Customizable tuning levels make this utility useful for users with different experience and understanding internal Windows processes and settings. The NET module allows reach up the maximum performance of the network connection. Real time monitoring allows to keep track the performances changes and reach up theirs maximum.

tweak utility windows pc perfomance booster

basta software

Horas (fr) by Basta Computing, Inc.

Horas vous permet de savoir quelle heure il est dans le monde entier ; vous pouvez créer plusieurs horloges correspondant à des fuseaux horaires différents. Horas comprend de nombreuses fonctionnalités, y compris le réglage automatique de l''heure système de votre ordinateur, un convertisseur horaire et la prise en charge du Temps Internet Swatch. De plus, Horas occupe un espace minimal sur l''écran de votre PC.

synchroniser fuseau basta horloge horas heure

password software

Advanced Word 2000 Password Recovery by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Recover passwords to Microsoft Word files: password to open, password to modify, document protection password. Most passwords are recovered instantly; password to open for Word 97/2000/XP requires brute-force or dictionary attack. All versions of MS Word (from 2.0 through XP) are supported.

97 recover brute-force word files lost


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