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 debugger software

Debugger Selector by Byrne Consultancy Limited

With Debugger Selector, the exception handling tools (for example Visual C++ or WinDebug) can be defined either in advance or when the exception occurs. Then Debugger Selector will route the exception to the developers chosen tool. Debugger Selector allows the developer to define exception handling functions (in DLL's) which can be used to pass it and trap it.

tool most select registry selector appropriate

 ping software

STS Pinger by SofTex Solutions

The STS Pinger is a useful network utility for finding computers on or off your network. Just set the IP value range you would like to search and put the STS Pinger to work. The full, registered version allows you to specify any IP search range, view your routing table, view your ARP table, perform a traceroute trace.

sts network neighborhood port scan arp network ping

mail software

Mail Redirect by Helexis Software Development

Mail-Redirect is easy to use mail redirecting tool. It can be used to share the mail between multiple mailboxes. By using Mail-Redirect you can automatically synchronize your Office and Home mailboxes and get access to office mail from home. Other common usage example is redirecting mail from the Internet to the MS Exchange server in your local network. The program utilizes minimum CPU and memory resources and works fast as a background task.

tool client allows smtp boxes exchange

sms software

PageGate by NotePage, Inc.

Messaging server software sends SMS and text messages to: pagers, mobile phones, PIMs, wireless devices. Messages can be accepted from: networked computers, email, web pages (CGI), commandline executables, text files, serial ports, modems. Messages can be delivered via: the Internet (SNPP, WCTP, SMTP), modems (TAP, UCP, GSM, TONE), direct serial connections (TAP). Advanced features: redundant outbound connections, message rerouting on failure.

wctp paging software paging software text messaging sms messaging

network management software

Alchemy Remote Executor by Alchemy Lab

System management tool that allows Network Administrators to execute programs on remote network computers without leaving their workplace. This can be useful in the case of the operating system patch installation, execution of the diagnostic tools, etc. The person using this software to execute programs on remote computers should have administrative login and password for the computer(s) he/she is remotely launching the programs on.

visual trace route network troubleshooting tool server monitoring tool network design software network management snmp

meander software

Meander by Acutus Trading Ltd.

Meander: Plot/Measure routes on any map; Save/Print/Export the results! Key Features: (i) Plot on any map - from software, a website, or scanned; (ii) Manipulate points to plan the best route. Meander tells you length of your route in real-time; and (iii) Save or print routes and share them with others. Export to JPEG or print as a PDF.

meander navigate plan measure trace map

dun software

DUN Manager by Magenta Systems Ltd

DUN Manager is designed to simplify and enhance Dial-Up Networking. Includes scheduled tasks, auto disconnection, reconnection, keep alive, check alive, call costing, performance graph, eight calls at once, alternate numbers, program launching, PC clock setting, call status in a browser, diagnostic tools such as trace route, activity and session logging, FTP, mail and much more. It may be run as an service on NT4, W2K and XP.

modems ras dialup dun isdn networking

pcb software

DipTrace by Novarm Software

DipTrace is a complete PCB Design system. It includes four programs: Schematic, PCB with powerful Autorouter, Component and Pattern Editors to create your own components. Shape-based copper pour system can help to reduce your manufacturing costs by minimizing the amount of etching solution required. Manufacturing output formats Gerber RS-274X and N/C Drill are supported.

autorouting system diptrace schematic eda pcb-design

browse software

Browse Anywhere by ZhangDuo Corporation International

Browse Anywhere enables you to visit any web site or download anything from the Internet by employing a special Global Route technique choosing the best route among all Internet highways. Any restricted website or narrow banded website will be accessed through other channel. Any foreign language content web page will be translated to your native. So far for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

explorer privacy website surf browse proxy

network software

PingPlotter Pro by Nessoft, LLC

PingPlotter Pro is a network monitoring and troubleshooting tool. It runs in the background collecting data, and then allows network professionals fast and easy access to network routing and performance information. Remote tracing, a native web interface and highly configurable alerts are just some of Pro''s features. Additional VoIP targeted capabilities such as Jitter, MOS, packet loss and latency make it a must have tool in any admin toolbox.

internet voip whois trace route isp traceroute


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