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youtube tools software

Axara YouTube Tools by

Every day plentiful video clips are uploaded from YouTube Tools is a set of utilities that allows to Download, Save & Convert youtube video clips. You can save the downloaded video into various formats: DVD, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, 3GP. This allows to play youtube video clips with your PC, DVD - Player, iPod, PSP, Archos, Creatives etc. You can also convert and play the flv files that you already have with the help of "FLV Converter".

media you tube download youtube youtube tools downloader

time software

Serpentime by Mental Works Computing Software

Serpentime shows how much time you spend in each application running on your computer. Serpentime is the easiest way to organize and optimize your time. Knowing how much time you spend in different programs, you can increase your productivity by optimizing the ratio between working and having rest.

rest process work serpentime time

memory software

Memory Defragmenter by ABEXO

ABEXO Memory Defragmenter, also called RAM defragmenter, RAM/memory booster, RAM/memory optimizer, etc. is a software to free up wasted RAM and report the free memory. Memory Defragmenter also prevents Windows crashes since Windows crashes mainly occur if there is no free memory (RAM). You can configure Memory Defragmenter to automatically free memory when the amount of available RAM falls below a certain value.

defragmenter memory defrag booster wasted software

pdf to image software

Ap PDF to TIFF converter by

AP PDF to tiff Batch Converter is a useful pdf tool, the converter produces fully functional IMAGE documents with text, pictures, graphics etc, using the original PDF document formatting. It does not need any software support, such as Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, etc.

pdf to jpg pdf to pcx pdf to tif pdf to image pdf to bmp pdf to psd

clock software

Paraben's World Clock by Paraben Corporation

Paraben's World Clock displays the time anywhere in the world on multiple clock faces. It also keeps your system clock accurate by updating it on demand or daily via the Internet. By using Daylight Savings Time files, Paraben's World Clock helps make sure you know what time it is wherever you are communicating around the world. Registered users can take advantage of updated DST files, up to two more sets of clocks, a stopwatch, a countdown clock.

around world atom web world time

clipboards software

Clipboard Extender by CAVU Software

Use Clipboard Extensions to store and organize any number of clipboards. A set of Extensions can have 256 clipboards. There can be an unlimited number of sets: of often used text in business letters, Excel formats and formulas or any other data. Extensions work anywhere copy & paste does. 1/2 price as part of the CAVU Productivity Package!

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