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3d software

Tree Generator by Nicolas BONNEEL

Tree Generator 1.1 is a shareware for creating and exporting 3D trees in .DXF. A tree is simply created by changing up to 31 parameters (which include leaves, branches position, random ranges, branches size....), so that a tree can be made in 5 minutes. You can then export it in a .DXF file (for registered user, you can save all parameters in a .TGF file) into you favorite raytracer.

new 3d tree fractal export generator

reporting software

OOReport.NET by

OOReport.NET is an Award winning Object Oriented Reporting Component for .NET Windows Forms, Database Applications. With OOReport.NET you can create extensive, flexible and high quality Web-Page reports in matter of minutes. OOReport.NET is fully customizable, without requiring source code changes, recompilations and redistributions. It can dynamically connect to any OLEDB database or MS SQL Server / MSDE. OOReport.NET offers a wide array of reporting formats.

database reporting oriented rad component object

web promotion software


"A-POST" is a multi-post tool software. By using this software, you are able to post your ad to all message boards at the same time by only filling up a form once. After using "A-POST", you don't need to copy and past message at each web site. It is suitable for posting questions, pictures, news and advertisement. "A-POST" can help you to yield twice the result with half the effort and save valuable time!

submission message web site promotion tool tool web promotion software message board tool

timesheets software

Timesheets MTS by Moving Target Software

Timesheets MTS is a low cost time, materials, and travel billing and logging tool. It is ideally suited to accountancy firms, consultants, or contractors that provide services to companies and bill their time and expenses. Benefits of Timesheets MTS Manage your employees work hours, travel, and expenses by client and by project Have your employees enter their own time and expense information using one data store on your network

attendance billing project management timesheet timesheeting timesheet

identity management software

NetWrix Password Manager by NetWrix Corporation

NetWrix Password Manager gives end users ability to securely manage their passwords and resolve account lockouts in a self-service fashion without involvement of helpdesk personnel, allowing organizations to implement strong password policies in Active Directory environments and address their identity management challanges. The product is not shareware, please contact NetWrix Corporation (visit to get your price quote.

self-service unlock account password reset self-service password reset active directory password management

game software

Flash Jigsaw Producer by Yavsoft

Flash Jigsaw Producer has a comfortable interface and is able to create FLASH puzzle from any BMP, GIF or JPG image with the size of up to 2800x2800 pixels. Using the additional devise - remote control - you may rotate puzzle pieces. Also you have the ability to turn them over and create jigsaw on its reverse side. The size of the resulting picture puzzle, the number and the shape of the puzzle pieces are fully customizable.

flash internet producer tool web-sites utility

survey software

Opinio by ObjectPlanet, Inc.

Opinio is a free and complete survey solution featuring flexible survey design, advanced reporting, plugin architecture, multilanguage support, high scalability and much more. Ease of use and simple installation makes it suitable to any organisation. This software is Java/JSP/Servlet based allowing platform independence (Windows, Linux, etc). Opinio is designed with an open database platform and supports all major databases.

survey online surveys web survey software web survey web surveys complete

activex software

MetaTreeX Control by MetaProducts Corporation

MetaTreeX displays hierarchical information as a graphs tree on an elliptical parabolic surface, which allows the user to view all the selected information at once rather than drilling down through folders. The user can modify the display by expanding and collapsing nodes, adding and deleting child nodes and changing the display color of each node.

component metaproducts feel control vba visual basic

 chrono-acupuncture software

LongLifeCA Chrono-Acupuncture Calendar by Long Life Acupuncture & Herbs

LongLifeCA is a tool to assist acupuncture, or the application of acupressure, by providing the acupoints to use per the Five Shu Points and Source Points according to dates and times. It allows the user to know all available acupoints for any date and all times from January 1, 1900 to June 30, 2006 (calendar can be upgraded by this date). You can also discover the exact date and time of specific acupoints you prefer to use.

acupressure acupuncture calendar professionals chrono-acupuncture acupressure

pdf writer software

eBook Writer by Bytepad Software

The most popular form of eBooks is books that are printed in the portable document format or pdf file format which can be used on any computer regardless of the operating system. When using programs to display your eBook you are limiting your market as they can only be read on computers running the Windows operating system. Pdf can be read on any platform.

pdf files ebook creator ebook pdf creator pdf writer ebook writer


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