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focus software

Focus Genie by

Make any window stay on Top, automatically sets the focus of an application as your mouse passes over it. To disable Focus Genie, just hit Ctrl-Shift-F and hit Ctrl-Shift-F again to enable it. If you would like an application to Stay on Top then just hit Ctrl-Shift-T to stop it from Staying on Top just Ctrl-Shift-T again.

focus szamody on top window sets

 multiple software

Multiple Database Query Analyzer by

Multiple Database Query Analyzer 2.1 supports qurries with diffrent types of databases. It supports Sql, Access, Oracle, MySql. It lets you have diffrent profiles to store data, also has options to hold querrys and export data.

1 oracle access diffrent qurries

 time software

Time Clock Manager Pro by

An employee time clock and a management tool. Its allows user to clock in/clock out. It works with touch screen monitors. Also has reports to show clocked in and clock out times. The application has integrated security and can work with networks or on stand alone computers. Its a very user friendly system, with this systems there is no more wasting paper with old fashi

clockin 1 manager clock managerment clockout

 auto software

Hotkeys Buddy by

Want to automate opening applications and software actions with a press of a keystroke? This software does exactly that. Hotkeys Buddy 2.1 automatically enters text and launches applications when customized hotkeys are pressed.

send vsisoftware launches hotkey automatically applications

clipboard software

Clipboard Genie by

Saves Clipboard Text and Graphics automacitally. Simply click on the text or graphic in the list box. It is copied to the Windows Clipboard. Also a scrolling method that enables you to scroll through the Clipboard buffer using hot keys F6 and F7. Hot Key function, this feature will send text to other windows applications simply by hitting one key. It can also be used to run applications. Text from your Clipboard can also be sent over the network.

cut szamody clipboard sendkeys copy

 auto software

Auto Type by

Auto Type 2.1 autocompletes words that are typed in windows applications When a matching word his typed a list of words it displayed. Then hitting the TAB key can complete the word or phrase. Save time when entering the same phrases or words - use autocomplete utilities.

auto type complete typed words

automatically push my buttons software

!!Automatically Push My Buttons!! by

Auto Push My Buttons 2.1 automatically clicks buttons on message boxes. Add any message box you want auto clicked. - by:

szamody 1 click msgbox automatically push my buttons buttons

auto software

Auto Click Link Buddy by

Automatically click links and buttons on web pages - by:

explorer url auto click buttons

 web site page change monitor software

Web Page Change Monitor by

Web Site Change Monitor 2.1 is a application that will monitor any web site and notify you when it changes. Track any changes on your favourite news page, forum, blog or a job posting site.

vsisoftware web site page change monitor szamody

keyboard software

Mouse Keyboard Wizard by

Lets you type using your mouse. The keyboard can be customized. The Keys can moved around, hidden and resized. Any you click on will send that letter to the last application that had focus.

type be mouse keyboard keyboard


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