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Free Zlib For Dotnet Software

zlib software

ZLIB.NET by ComponentAce

100% managed version of ZLIB compression library. Full C# source code is included. Free for use in commercial software with closed source code, BSD style license.

zlib for .net zlib compression library

 ultra-violent software

Climbers of Fortune by Tilman Mehler / Shades Productions

Participate in "Climbers of Fortune", the TV-show of the future. You take the role of a "defender", who works for the channel. Your job is to keep the "climbers" from reaching the top of your wall, by throwing metal balls and - if everything else fails - by using your trusty old chainsaw. (requires DirectX8.0 or better)

ultra-violent fortune most climbers participate tv-gameshow violent

koran software

Qur'an Viewer (Koran) by DivineIslam

Multi-Language Qur'an Software. Full Arabic/English with Qur'anic Commentary, Transliteration, Index and Glossary (500+ words!), and Full search. Supports Plug-in Qur'an Translations. Qur'an verses can be compared in any installed language! Other languages that can be downloaded and installed include: French, German, Spanish, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Tamil, Hausa, Turkish and Indonesian. 5 other English translations also available!

upto multi-lingual plug-in kuran koran islamic translations


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