2.0 Software

asp.net 2.0 software

Menu for ASP.NET by ComponentUs

ComponentUs Menu is a reliable, cross-browser, templated databound component for ASP.NET 2.0 with client- and server-side programming model, CSS skins, editors, draging and floating behaviors, etc.

asp.net 2.0 asp.net menu css skin javascript dhtml menu javascript menu control templated databound javascript menu component

datagrid software

DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly by RustemSoft

DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly is a DataGridView Columns software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET developers.

datagrid .net vb.net c# datagridview datagridview combobox columns .net 2.0 .net 2005 combobox visual basic learn vb vb examples beginners .net visual studio

asp.net software

Membership Manager Control by Quality Data, Inc.

Drag and drop Asp.Net server control provides user interface for managing Asp.Net 2.0 Membership Users. Locate member records, change user name, reset passwords/approval status and maintain comments. Works with SQLMembershipProvider. Free download.

asp.net membership provider sqlmembership provider asp.net 2.0 user management

autosave 2.0 software

AutoSave Demo by Everyday Logic

AutoSave 2.0 is a mobile application that automatically saves your work at regular intervals. If you or someone you know gets wrapped up in their work and forgets to save, then AutoSave 2.0 can help! Cover all your programs for only $4.00 instantly!

autosave 2.0 autosave save backup utility program automated bargainware everyday logic

application help software

MGTEK Help Producer by MGTEK

MGTEK Help Producer is a help authoring tool that allows you to create Microsoft HTML Help 1.0 files, Microsoft Help 2.0 help files, and web based content from a Microsoft Word document.

application help authoring tools chm context sensitive help help authoring help authoring tools help compiler help development help editor help manual help systems help tool hlp ms help 2.0 online documentation online help windows help winhelp

isdn software

CapiInfo by Shamrock Software GmbH

Displays the driver version and capiabilities of an installed ISDN CAPI adapter, like manufacturer, B1/B2/B3 protocols, supplementary services and others.

isdn capi 2.0 driver manufacturer ect supplementary services capi2032.dll

atomicrobot software

AtomicRobot FTP Professional Edition by Patrick Harvey

An incredible easy-to-use FTP program! Faster than ever! This new version is now even easier to use than ever before! New error handling has been added and it is now able to copy more files at once into a single folder than ever before.

atomicrobot ftp atomic robot mrgalaxy 2.0 2 professional edition

flash drive software

Lockngo by Keynesis, Ltd.

Lockngo secures removable drives,flash memory disks and external hard drives by encrypting their file systems and hiding their content. When locked, Lockngo does not allow to write new files and does not show the locked data.

flash drive usb flash drive pen drive portable hard drive removable disk usb pen drive usb 2.0 flash drive usb flash memory drive usb flash drive driver flash memory drive portable external hard drive flash disk drive portable usb drive usb portable

rss feed software

generateAfeed dB - PHP by Vizonage

generateAfeed dB is a script based tool which generates automatically RSS feeds for your website from the information contained in a database. generateAfeed dB is easy to install and contain an HTML webpage to configure all your websitfeeds.

rss feed rss 2.0 create rss create feed generate feed dynamic website

sharks software

Sharks, Terrors of the Deep by Prolific Publishing, Inc.

Sharks, Terrors of the Deep 2 Screen Saver is a virtual underwater world of awe. Featuring 3D Models of Sharks with Realistic movement.

sharks reef screen savers 3d terror


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