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pacmania software

PacMania II by Alawar Entertainment

 eep running over the labyrinth eating the dots and evading the monsters.

pacmania pacman pac-man game game arcade alawar entertainment running over labyrinth eating dots evading monsters

arkanoid software

Arkanoid 4000 by Alawar Entertainment&ImproGames

Arkanoid 4000 is a classic game concept placed into original 3D envoroment.

arkanoid 4000 game game classic arkanoid game concept placed original 3d envoroment

3d software

AC3D by Inivis

Easy to use 3D modeler that supports many file formats including 3DS, VRML, POV

3d 3d software 3d design design 3d graphics ac3d modeller modeler models graphics software download free freeware shareware windows 95 98 nt 2000 xp sgi linux

3d reducer software

VizUp by VizUp Technology

Easy-to-use tool for reducing and optimizing 3D models.

3d reducer 3d optimizer cad animation architect 3d design 3d art vrml 3d compression 3d reduction real-time 3d models tool visualization viz easy-to-use tool reducing optimizing

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