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time zone software

Earth Time Zone by Timezonesoft

Earth time zone is an interactive 3D global Time zone, show more than 250 countries local standard times, allows you to add any country Timezone, Find time zone information by country name around the world. As a high resolution interactive 3D world map clocks,including countries, lakes, rivers, and political boundaries,Config to show day/night shadow effect;

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earth explorer software

Earth Explorer by Motherplanet, Inc

Earth Explorer integrates high resolution satellite imagery and political boundaries, coastlines, rivers, 267 countries and regions, 40000+ ranked cities, 15000+ islands and 1700+ noteworthy historical earthquakes since 1980 into a fantastic 3D earth globe. You can specify what kinds of map layers to be shown, rotate the globe, click right mouse button and pull/push to zoom in/out the current view, measure distance between any two points, etc.

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