8mm Software

cinematography software

Cine Module by Douglas Software

The Cinematography module covers all major film formats from 8mm to 70mm. The data for 16 fixed focal length or zoom lenses using T or f stops can be stored.

cinematography cinematographic cine optical lens camera depth of field cinematography module contains depth field other tables

super8 software

8mm2avi by SmartSoftware

8mm2avi for Windows allows acquiring Super8 and Regular8 mm film strips, converting them into frames and making AVI, using standard codecs. You need a Scanner with dia module, a Personal computer with a large disk, and 8mm2avi does the rest.

super8 context students regular8 avi scanner frame rate film film scanning non linear editing tool acquire scanner convert super8 regular8mm movies avi

tape software

TapeCopy by NovaStor Corporation

TapeCopy gives you the ability to migrate data from one media format to another. Move existing tape data to hard disk or from 4mm tapes to AIT tapes, for example. Easily duplicate tapes for off site storage, archiving, or sending copies to others.

tape copy tape copy tape duplication tape migration utility tape utility data migration autoloader tape library tapecopy copies images tape other tapes disk easily changes formats

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