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java software

Image Scroller Applet by Sureshot

Make your site come alive! Create beautiful tickers with the Image Scroller Applet. Image Scroller Applet can run in the middle of a web page or in a pop up window. It supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

java applet image scroll imagescroll imagescroller scroller show horizontal vertical ticker news show presentation free freeware images effect transition internet webeffect cool package

spam software

EClean by Luminatech

EClean, a pre-mail service hides your mailto: links and authenticates and quarantines your legitimate E-mail. Letting you delete UCEs even before they get in your inbox. This clever solution created for Webmasters, works for anyone with a POP Mailbox

spam filter pre-mail client anti-spam junk mail junk email spam filter windows spam email spam e-mail spam

search toolbar software

Search Toolbar by Search Toolbar

Search ToolBar is shareware for Internet Explorer for searching multiple web search engines, auctions, movies, daily news; with a pop up ad killer, form filler, mp3 player, email checker, program launcher, program launcher, and more.

search toolbar search pop up killer form filler mp3 player favorites search bookmark search news email checker search toolbar web explorer multi search pop killer mp3 player

popups software

Xavier PopUp Killer by Xavier Media

Xavier's Popup Killer will kill all annoying pop-up windows before they appear on the screen. The popup stopper has full support for both pop-ups and pop-under ads, and each time a pop up is closed you will hear a cute sound effect.

popups pop-ups popunders pop-unders blocker killer stopper remover ads advertising kazaa morpheus grokster imesh direct connect gator gain c2 comet systems cydoor marketscore

java software

Cloud Text Applet by Sureshot

Make your site come alive! Create slide shows with a fractal transition effect with the Cloud Text Applet. Cloud Text Applet can run in the middle of a web page or in a pop up window.

java applet image fractal mandelbrot cloud text image images slide show slideshow ticker news show presentation free freeware images effect transition internet webeffect cool package

notification software

Right Web Monitor by RightSoft, Inc.

Use Right Web Monitor to automatically check the specified web resources and notify you when any changes occur. You can watch web pages, mailboxes, files, images, FTP folders or applications anywhere on the Internet and download the changed files.

notification checking monitoring auto internet ftp changes content program monitors specific internet resources notifies they change

pregnancy software

MomToBe: The Pregnancy Assistant by Marco Software

MomToBe Computerized Pregnancy Assistant. Prepare for Pregnancy. Calc the Due Date for the baby. Basal Body Temperature Chart. Week-By-Week Info. Maintain appointments, check out future Dates. Chinese Sex Calendar. Pregnancy humour. A keepsake.

pregnancy software bbt charting mom-to-be pregnancy software mom2be calendar appointments apointments birth birthing momtobe pregnancy assistant software free bbt charting

pop software

PopUp Burner by Asmw Soft Systems

PopUp burner will help you stop annoying pop-up windows which do suddenly appear while you're surfing the internet. it stops Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator PopUps.

pop popup killer eleminate block popup burn popup popup burner popup killer stop popup stop web navigator pop-ups surf faster using less bandwidth

lock software

Access Lock by Ixis Ltd

Access Lock enables you to lock your desktop with a password by several methods, prevent unauthorized access on boot, log the attemps of breaking the lock, allow people around to leave messages while your system is locked.

lock access downloads password security system tools screen desktop lock system password

reminder software

Tray helper by Ireneusz Zielinski

If your Windows is overloaded by many applications, try Tray Helper. There is a built in event reminder and e-mail checker. You can define mail filters, there is also a pop-up killer. You can download and install plugins and upgrade Tray Helper.

reminder anti-spam- email checker popup killer tray helper small all-in-one app email checker filter popup killer event reminder


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