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custom action software

OTK Custom DBInstaller by OTK Web Solutions

Custom DBInstaller is a customizable EXE that allows developers to add as a Custom Action in their Setup or Web Setup Project to install their application''s SQL database. It also provides an option whether to allow to overwrite the database if exist

web setup project setup project windows installer clickonce database installer custom action deployment dbinstaller

loa software

xLoa for Pocket PC by Setup Group

Lines of Action is a two-player abstract strategy board game. The object of the game is to turn your pieces into one connected unit. The connections within the group may be either orthogonal or diagonal.

full color graphics orthogonal sid sackson strategy board game abstract strategy

tetris software

TetrixMania by AimGames

TetrixMania is a highly advanced Tetris clone featuring 10 variations of classical Tetris and Pentix games. Among those you will find Simplified Tetris for Kids, Classical Tetris, Advanced Tetris. Enjoy the ever lasting game action with TetrixMania!

variations clon tetrixmania old real brick games tetris magic tetris pentix featuring 10 games highly blocks

breakout software

The Magic Blackboard by Alpha72 Games

Bat and ball action taken to the extreme, 480 arcade levels, 132 puzzle mode levels, 50 power ups, 10 ball types and 1 bat. Many variants including Pong, Duck Shoot, Space Invaders and levels where you get to draw your own pictures!

arkanoid invaders breakout bat alpha72 blackboard bricks pong ball magic space

call for heroes software

Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars (Warrior) by Quotix Software

Hack and slash your way through this action packed third-person 3D game that places players in a vast fantasy-medieval world. Take on the role of a hero and vanquish the damned with powerful weapons and spells.

pompolic rpg 3d hack and slash quotix call for heroes third-person action hack & slash game hack slash

3d software

2D 3D Puzzle Dreamy Kiss by Aktiva-S

2D 3D PUZZLE is a fun logic and 3D action puzzle game. It's a fast brainteaser. It has beautiful pictures, unique background music and sound, more difficult levels with less time. This game is very easy to operate but a great challenge to your brain.

addictive logical thinking background music brainteaser action puzzle game mouse skills

maddata software

Greenface by Mad Data

Greenface combines action and puzzle elements into an enjoyable game, and is perfect for players who seek a more cerebral challenge in their action games as well as fans of the original BoulderDash. Easy to Learn, but hard to master.

puzzle arcade maddata boulderdash classic

shoot-n-roll software

Shoot-n-Roll by Another Day LTD

Exciting arcade game with rich graphics and oceans of fun. Fight the hordes of crafty monsters in the best traditions of action games. Each of the more than 100 game levels is a hard nut to crack. Reactions and logical reasoning are a must.

action runner shooter arcade fatman adventures lode runner free lode shootnroll arcade game action game game games lode runer another day games fatman

jigsaw puzzles software

Living Scenes Jigsaw Puzzles by Carolina Road Software

A unique collection of full motion jigsaw puzzles on CD-ROM. See and hear the action of the puzzle scenes (e.g., a lovely waterfall) within the pieces as you snap them together. You choose the number of pieces. Create your own puzzles. Free shipping.

pieces living scenes scenes living jigsaw puzzles whose jigsaws pictures puzzles within puzzle picture puzzles full motion jigsaw puzzles

dragon software

Journeys of the Dragon Rider by MistKeep Software

Journeys of the Dragon Rider, a 3D action computer game by MistKeep Software, lets you take on the role of a dragon rider and experience high flying adventure as you defend your kingdom.

journey medieval 3d action rider princess adventure castle fantasy dragon catapult hero


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