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net nanny software

Net Nanny's Ad-Free Try to Buy Edition by BioNet Systems, LLC

Net Nanny's Ad-Free stops disruptive online advertisements from cluttering web pages, instant messengers, and file sharing applications (P2P).

net nanny pop-up advertisement banner blocker privacy cookie ads block stops types web advertisements not just pop-ups

internet accelerator software

Artera Turbo by Artera Group, Inc.

Artera Turbo provides up to a 5X speed increase in your web-browsing performance using your existing dial-up Internet connection. Going way beyond competitive products that tweak Windows settings to provide a speed boost.

internet accelerator web accelerator dial-up accelerator boost internet speed modem speed free incredible new service dramatically increases internet browsing speed

popup software

Block That! by Darrell Russell

Block That! does more than blocking ads, deleting cookies and blocking popups. You can now specify Block That! to delete Cookies selectively This Public is FREE untill final release. Your FEEDBACK will Earn you a free Final Release Version

popup blocker cookie ad blocking popup killer web explorer popup blaster block does than blocking ads deleting cookies blocking popups

browsy software

Browsy by daRite Software Technologies

Browsy is an award winning software that can work with any web browser. It can block pop-ups, cookies, banner and flash ads, iframes and images. It can reduce gif animations to one loop and protect your online privacy and conceal your surfing habits.

browsy pop-up blocker popup blocker pop up blocker pop up blockers popup stopper pop up stoppers popup killer stop popups pop up ad blockers pop up killer pop up killers pop-up stoppers cache cleaner history cleaner internet washer

privacy software

GetAnonymous V2.0 - Personal Edition by Private Navigator Inc.

GetAnonymous is the new technology offering a comprehensive online privacy service, with GetAnonymous you can finally have all in ONE PRODUCT. These include Privacy, Protection, Filtering, and Control using the latest technology.

privacy protection proxy firewall anonymous web surfing anonymous email internet privacy online privacy identity protection anonymous surfing web surfing window washer anonymous browsing surf anonymously anonymous email protection

popup software

Pop-Up Stopper Professional by Panicware Inc.

The only product to block pop-up windows in every browser on every Internet connection. Pop-Up Stopper Professional blocks, or quickly closes, pop-up and pop-under ads in ALL browsers, including AOL, MSN, Netscape, Internet Explorer & more!

popup popups pop up pop-up stop popup stop popups popup stopper pop up killer popup killer no pop anti pop up product block pop-up ads aol msn browsers

system software

System Mechanic by iolo technologies, LLC

Fix PC problems fast and keep it running at peak performance and reliability. Version 4 contains several of new tools such as high-speed disk defragmentation, spyware protection, popup blocking, memory defragmentation, registry compression, and more!

system utilities utility registry clean fix tweak defrag spyware popup popups block cleaner memory junk norton download drive file hard web cookie cookies cache index


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