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Super Ad Blocker by

Super Ad Blocker blocks all forms of advertising including fly-in, slide-in, flash, rich media, pop-ups, pop-unders, spyware ads, messenger ads, and more! Includes advanced privacy cleaning and automatic updates so the product is never out of date!

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AdsNoMore by Advantix Software, Inc.

AdsNoMore is a pop-up stopper and banner ad blocker designed to eliminate all of the ads that disrupt your online experience. AdsNoMore will stop adware and spyware pop-ups, web popups, and block banners which will result in faster web browsing.

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popup killer software

Popup Assassin Pro by

Popup Assassin Pro is an intelligent popup ad blocker, that can block all pop-up ads without interfering with your regular web surfing.

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popsmarts software

popSmarts Popup Killer by Birnam Labs

A popup killer for IE with the smarts to allow desired popups and block only unwanted popups. It works immediately without any initial configuration! Blocked windows are saved an can be re-opened by double-clicking on an icon. Integrates into IE.

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popups software

Zero Ads Pop-Up Stopper and Ad Blocker by FBM Software

Stop Pop-Ups and Ads, Increase Privacy, Triple Surfing Speed And Enjoy The Net Again! Imagine Yourself (5 Minutes From Now), Gliding Through The Net Three Times Faster While Being Shielded From Popup-Ads, Banners & Spying Cookies!

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spyware software

SpyBlocker by SpyBlocker Software

Protect your privacy from spyware, advertising, web bugs, scripts, stylesheets, worms, cookies and scanners.

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popup software

SurfSecret PopupElimiantor by SurfSecret Software

PopupEliminator? blocks annoying popups and popunders that slow down and destroy your surfing experience. PopupEliminator? installs in seconds and blocks all popups with an easy to use and customizable interface.

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internet washer software

0Pop by Proxymis Multimedia

Automatically detect ad popup window and non-ad popup in IE. Destroys pop-ups before they open. Speeds up your surfing by stopping all unsollicited pop ups. Audible alerts let you know when popup has been killed

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popup killer software

STOPzilla! The ULTIMATE Popup Killer! by STOPzilla!

CNet Editors' Choice Award Winner, November 2003. Stops popups, kills adware and spyware, erases cookies and history. Protect your privacy and download this award-winning software now.

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popup killer software

Popup Purger by Atlas Solutions

Popup Purger is an intelligent popup blocker for Internet Explorer that can block annoying popup/under ads before they even open.

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