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popup killer software

Popup Blaster by Rowanvale Software

The ULTIMATE popup ad killer. 4 filtering methods (including an unique intelligent smart filter), all fully customisable/editable. Boss key hides windows. Privacy feature clears online activity. Protects homepage. IE 4+

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pop software

Pop Up Blocker and Ad Killer for Kazaa by Project Barracuda

Pop Up Blocker and Ad Killer is designed to automatically detect and stop the pop up windows that are opened by popular file sharing programs such as Kazaa, Kazaa Lite, Morpheus, Grokster, XoloX, iMesh and Direct Connect.

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identify url software

Clone Download Killer by Cequal Software

Clone Download Killer is an internet tool help you check identify of URL before really downloadt. CDK would check the duplicate of file name , file size and content snippet. It checks files in high speed and monitor downloads and IE clicks.

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ad kill software

Popup Ad Killer by TopLang

Popup Ad Killer can kill any annoying popup advertising windows when you browse web sites. it use the intelligent filter technology to capture and kill popup ad window, needn't your intervention.

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popup software

Web Recycle Bin by Litysoft Inc.

An easy to use tool which can removes all kinds of annoying web ads automatically. You can manually by simply drag and drop, just as if you were using the standard Windows recycle bin. You needn't maintain a list of keywords like other web filters.

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pop-up ad killer software

Smart Explorer by Smarteque

Smart Explorer is the fast, smart, and secure Internet browser. Smart Explorer kills pop-up ads, filters multimedia downloads, has a multi document interface, and integrates the top search engines, allowing for searches of multiple sites at once.

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pop up killer software

1st WebCleaner by

WebCleaner is a program that can prevent annoying sponsors PopUp's when you visit some web sites. With features such as the Smart Check Popup Engine, WebCleaner can kill all kinds of typical ads popups. It also can block any Web content.

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