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positic software

Potolook Outlook Plugin by Positic

Potolook Outlook Plugin is a template add-in for Outlook. Use the templates for new messages, extends capabilities for filtering mail, removing unsolicited commercial mail and performing miscellaneous conversions and much more..

positic potolook outlook plugin template templates outlook templates templates outlook utilities add-ins addins shareware e-mail email occupational outlook outlook stationery microsoft outlook exchange server windows messaging oft javascript iactivescript macros office extentions filesystemobject wscript wmi shell createobject activexobject com activex script forward reply replyall powerpoint web templates presentation templates outlook security update microsoft template letter template newsletter template office template business template microsoft office template microsoft word template

microsoft outlook software

Outlook Mp3 Player by Brigsoft

The Reminder of Microsoft Outlook can play only wav-file alarms. This Outlook Add-In component allow to play as alarms any music and video files.

microsoft outlook microsoft office outlook add-in add-on plug-in dll play alarm mp3 avi mpg run exe bat com open doc txt office reminder tasks add-on makes microsoft outlook play mp3 alarms

document software

VB DocuMentor by GridLinx Software

Document your programs with one click. VB DocuMentor is a VB 5/6 Add-In that allows you to painlessly document your program as you code it. It produces formatted descriptive procedure and module headers, error handlers and indents.

document headers error handlers indent code track revisions document add error handlers indent vb program one click

line numbers software

VB Builder by GridLinx Software

Pinpoint errors in your VB programs to the exact line where they occur. VB Builder is a VB 5/6 Add-In that creates line numbered versions of your VB program so that you can use the VB error line function (erl) in your error handling code.

line numbers error handlers erl visual basic pinpoint errors exact line number vb program

vb software

VB Friend by Aivosto Oy

Add indentation, complete missing code, auto-correct, backup, and get more desktop space. VB Friend beautifies code and helps you write more of it in less time. Works as add-in to Visual Basic.

vb visual basic add-in indent pretty print productivity code beautify vb add-in code indentation completion auto-correct backup

programming software

VBBackup by R.M. de Boer Software

VBBackup is a Visual Basic add-in for Visual Basic 6 to create backups of all your Visual Basic projects. With each project you can: Add/include additional files to be backed up, enter a memo for each project,and more!

programming vb backup sourcecode addin add-in vb-ide vbbackup never loose vb source code

nilgirihouse-com software

Dexter by

Dexter is an invaluable time saving Add-in providing automatic code completion for all Microsoft development environments. - useful shareware for programmers using Microsoft development tools.

nilgirihouse-com shareware for developers shareware for programmers dexter add-in automatic code completion automatic statement completion automatic code formatting automatic statement formatting word completion automatic typing autotyping add-in providing automatic code completion ms development environments


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