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alexa software

Lively Browser Standard by

Browse the most popular 10,000 Sites List, the most popular 10,000 Adult Sites List, the most popular 10,000 Sites by countries and the most popular 10,000 Sites by languages.

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alexa software

Lively Browser Basic by

Browse the most popular 5,000 Sites List, the most popular 5,000 Adult Sites List, the most popular 5,000 Sites by countries and the most popular 5,000 Sites by languages.

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hot software

HoteXtractor by Proxymis Multimedia

Find thousands of adult movies on the web, all movies are high quality MPG-DIVX, movies content refreshes every day , simple: in one click you get all movies with no banners, popups. Quick: you download all movies at high speed, filter the movies and

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privacy software

XQik! for Windows by Guiding Star Developers

Don''t Get Caught! XQik! will close those multiple adult browser windows FAST, keeping your activities from view! No more proliferating windows when you click the X, no more unresponsive stuck open or reappearing windows! Close them ALL with one key!

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parental control software

Free Parental Control by Proxymis Multimedia

Detects and removes explicit adult material Removes Cookies, Cache and URLs of explicit websites visited.

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adult software

StreamBull by J.P.C. Development Services, Inc.

StreamBull is a fast and easy-to-use multi-threaded adult picture and video downloader. It reads the necessary internet addresses from a database residing on an internet server. The user selects teens, hardcore, ? (32 x 2 in all) and clicks start.

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php software

OwnLinkSite by J.P.C. Development Services, Inc.

The OwnLinkSite link engine consists of a very extensive database and some php-based scripts. It allows the user to easily create adult link sites and have all links and pictures automatically updated daily. Very good for attracting readers.

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video chat software

PkStreaming Video Chat Software by PKStreaming (video chat software)

Video Chat software for adult industry with PPM and PPV capability and full OOP PHP architecture,scalable,easy to maintain and very flexible template system

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gallery software

Gallery Downloader by

Gallery Downloader will find the enormous amount of free galleries (with adult content) and download them for your pleasure. You are assuredly protected from various viruses, trojan programs, advertising, which you can meet at TGPs.

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games software

Adult Match Maker by Adult Match Maker

Monopoly Clone with adult twist

clone board monopoly match games


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