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font software

FontRenamer by A. & M. Neuber GbR

FontRenamer is free and renames truetype font files (*.ttf) to the real name of the typefaces. Simply select a folder of font files and click Rename button. »Arial bold italic.ttf« instead of »arialbi.ttf« or »Brush Script.ttf« instead of »bruscn.ttf

font name file filename rename replace free type fonts typeface truetype typograf fontmanager ttf renames truetype font files ttf real name typefaces

euro software

AB-Euro by Oliver Grahl Software Design

AB-Euro is the Free Currency Calculator for your desktop. Convert between all Euro-based and 28 foreign currencies. A quick pocket calculator is integrated. Just mimimize AB-Euro to a small icon in your task bar. Automatic rates update via internet.

euro calculator calculate currencies currency dm dem d-mark mark deutschmark adware advertise gift present convert conversion converter

popsmarts software

popSmarts Popup Killer by Birnam Labs

A popup killer for IE with the smarts to allow desired popups and block only unwanted popups. It works immediately without any initial configuration! Blocked windows are saved an can be re-opened by double-clicking on an icon. Integrates into IE.

popsmarts popup killer stop popups ad blocker internet explorer plugin smart popup killer ie doesnt interfere normal browsing

ab-edit software

AB-Edit by Oliver Grahl Software Design

AB-Edit is the comfortable text editor for work with multiple documents. Lots of usefull features, i.e. Drag'n'Drop, unlimited Undo/Redo, colored Syntax Highlighting for more than 25 file types. Fast and easy to use.

ab-edit texteditor text editor editor freeware free gratis promoware adware shareware notepad substitute substitution syntax programming language regular expression;advertisement advertising pen gift hand out

spyware software

SpyBlocker by SpyBlocker Software

Protect your privacy from spyware, advertising, web bugs, scripts, stylesheets, worms, cookies and scanners.

spyware adware ad blocker killer blocker cookies bug worms security pest protect privacy spyware adware

security software

Without A Trace Surf Guard by TekEffect

Without A Trace Surf Guard is a powerful 3 in 1 privacy tool that combines a history eraser with a powerful pop up stopper and robust encryption tools that will lock down any file or folder.

security pc clean pop up pop-up stop pop up history cache cookies spyware erase internet history block pop-ups hide content files

link software

Gimme by The Bargain Monkey

Gimme is a desktop freeware/shareware menu system intended to help you find software downloads on the internet. Gimme has over 200 direct links to download pages for all kinds of software.

link links free shareware adware trialware tweak navigation gimme desktop shareware menu system

checkbook software

RecBook by PromoSoft

RecBook is a very easy to use Bankbook Reconciliation Calculator designed for those with even the least amount of computer experience.

checkbook bankbook calculator reconcile easy bankbook reconciliation calculator

euro software

EuroCheck by A. & M. Neuber GbR

Check your fonts, printer, keyboard and operating system for euro symbol support. A easy to use wizard. EuroCheck is freeware. That software doesn't record activities, doesn't require runtimes and doesn't require installation.

euro fonts euro sign tools eu system check business eur char character type typeface truetype euro symbol free european union keyboard printer software font manager

spyware software

RegBlock Spy Blocker by

Regblock Allows Windows users an easy way to halt the installation of drive-by downloads commonly used by malware, spyware and profiling technology through the use of Kill-bit methodology.

spyware adware lop innoculate block spector spy spies anti-spy montior child safe disappear wipe tracks cookie cleaner zapper privacy internet privacy detect protect registry trojan detection protect spying stop


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