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backup software

East-Tec Backup 2007 by EAST Technologies

East-Tec Backup 2007 backs up and protects the files and data you care about. East-Tec Backup 2007 is very easy to use and features intuitive wizards, automatic backups, data compression, strong military AES encryption and FTP support.

mozilla firefox microsoft outlook synchronize data compression east tec running programs

pgp software

Cryptocx v6 by Easybyte Software Corporation

Cryptocx is an Open PGP and AES compatible encryption component dll designed for use in any modern development environment. Cryptocx encrypts and decrypts data using standards compliant algorithms to make sure that your data is completely secured.

compatible component pgp bear stearns development environments folders law enforcement agencies

email software

CommuniCrypt File Encryption Tools by CommuniCrypt Software

File encryption/decryption tools with strongest AES(Rijndael) algorithms. Can generate the hash of the source file as password for symmetric encryption. Encryption strength AES Rijndael: 256 bit / Hash: SHA-256

communicrypt email rsa communication pop3 decryption crypto network

security software

Keynesis Lockngo Professional by Keynesis, Ltd.

Lockngo Professional encrypts and password protects flash drives, portable drives and external disks, using 256-bit AES encryption and wiping mechanism. Lockngo runs directly from the removable drive with no installation on the pc.

unbreakable encryption external hard drives added option speed optimization data encryption encryption free

password generator software

My Password Generator by My Password

My Password Generator is advanced password generator & password keeper. Using My Password Generator you can generate passwords of any length using upper-, lower-case letters, digits and safely keep them. AES 256 information encryption.

generate password management advanced generator random password password generator keeper keep

aes software

DPA SFX Creator by Paehl

A high performance AES/Blowfish/RC6 SFX-Crypter. Use AES with the full keysize: 256 bit. The sfx-header has a filesize from 41-49 kb

aes rc6 blowfish sfx rijndeal crypt

picture software

PixxxSafe by Studio AHM

Secure 256 bit AES encrypted image library with batch downloader and animated slideshow engine.

pixxxsafe picture 128 bit encryption image security file protection aes

encryption software

Cryptgine Archiver by Infolocks, Inc

Cryptgine Archiver creates compressed and encrypted archives that can be securely distributed over the internet. Built with the Cryptgine Application Programming Interface you may use 256 bit AES encryption or use your own by creating a plug-in.

cryptography zip archive security encryption

secure software

BigSpeed Secure Socket Library by BigSpeed Computing Inc.

ActiveX control for secure private networking with 128-bit AES encryption and on-the-fly compression. Offers message-oriented protocol over single TCP connection. Information is exchanged through typed data packets identified by a command code.

aes encryption oriented protocol symmetric encryption digital fingerprints asymmetric encryption private keys

password software

Network Password Manager by SOW

Multi-user software for storage, management and protection of data containing passwords in enterprise. Data security is provided by 256 AES encryption. Easy to administrate, comfortable for users!

security manage management password within user network protection


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