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II_WorldTimeClocks by Image Integration

Clocks in different cities of the world. Analog, digital style. Automatic adjustment of Daylight Saving. Alarm clock for each city. Integrated in the Windows Taskbar Copyright (C) 2000 Image Integration. For Windows 95, 98, NT v4.0, or later. Credit cards accepted. Shareware 30-days trial. Other products at

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clock software

Watch_sk by Jose Falcao

Very small ''dragable'' timer watch. To set the alarm, double click on ''body'' of watch. To move, drag it''s window arround with mouse. Config program to set skins, fonts, etc. Create your simple skins for it.

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capture software

Webcam Tracker by Sytexis Software

Webcam Tracker is a video capture software with capabilities of saving captured clips and images and broadcasting them via internet. You can use this software for various purposes such as your own home observation (security tasks) or live web show. Webcam Tracker can work with any video capture device supported by Microsoft(r) DirectShow technology.

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