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Aunt Abigail's Photo Album by Aunt Abigail Software

Aunt Abigail's Photo Album is a simple yet powerful program for composing and printing pages with digital photographs and captions. Once you have your pages, you can slip them into clear plastic 3-ring binder sleeves and put them in your albums.

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photo album software

Photo Album by Show Your Photos

Easily organize images & photos on your PC. Present as thumbnails, presentations or slide shows. Make unlimited number of CDs. Email any photo, print albums, rotate photos, make screen savers. Search, sort and shoebox features. Download full version

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for the record software

For The Record by OPERA Tech

For The Record is a Windows based program that helps organize your record albums quickly and effectively. The program allows you to enter the artist names and record albums for each artist into the database.

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ebook software

Illustrated Book of Trees by E-dition

An illustrated collection of poems. Written in imagistic style, the poems are both metaphysical and descriptive of trees and leaves and are photographically illustrated by the author, a former photojournalist and editor (as well as a published poet).

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winamp software

Album Viewer (WinAMP General Purpose Plug-In) by ZayatZ@Soft

This plug-in is intended for showing information about current playing album (or song). Information will be displayed in WinAMP Browser window. You can use all power of HTML in yours information file.

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dictionary builder software

Babylon Builder by LTD

The Babylon Builder is an application in which you can build customized glossaries to be used in Babylon Tool. The glossaries you build can be submitted to Babylon's Glossary Index to be published on our site & tool for the use of millions of Babylon

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image software

Ace ImageBot by ECREW Developers

This is a powerful batch tool which assist You to perform different transformations with Your images. It gives You full control on image size, color model, file format and also it's content with which You can do everything You want: rotate, flip, res

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plugin software

Tab Forward Lite by Web Wide

Innovation in Navigation. Display links in side panel. Allowing you to click on the link picture, text or number you want to display on the main window, without using back button, works great with google image search save time and aggravation.

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screen software

CaptureEze Pro Screen Capture by Application Techniques, Inc.

CaptureEze Pro is the Professional Windows screen capture and printing utility. Automatic start options allow predefined settings, printing of up to 6 images per page, screen to printer color reassignment, and programmable 1 key operation.

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multimedia software

Idex by DVA Ltd

Idex is a complete multimedia database and webpublishing solution. Manage all your digital files in a searchable database. Then share your files by publishing them to the internet. No HTML programming required to create dynamic websites.

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