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zip repair software

DiskInternals ZIP Repair by DiskInternals Research

DiskInternals ZIP Repair Tool is a robust recovery wizard that protects you against the loss of important data in case of zip archive damages. Its smart algorithm swiftly recovers zip files from internal errors and saves its contents to a new archive

zip repair zip fix data recovery zip recovery archive recovery corrupt zip files fix zip file

rain screen saver software

Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver by Sencesa Group

Hypnogenic Rain Screensaver is a relaxing animated screensaver. It does real-time image processing by using an popular amazing algorithm and a special effects to make your computer desktop look as if it is rippling.

falling rain water drops rainmaker rainwater rain lyrics rain effect ripple

spam filter software

Official Spam Filter for Outlook Express by

Official Spam Filter for Outlook Express shall filter the unwanted Spam Emails, Fraud Emails and Phishing Emails from Outlook Express using Bayesian Filter Algorithm and extensive use of White List and Black list of domains and email ids

filtration spam emails phishing spam folder bayesian filter outlook express

free software

Free Anti-SPY Guard by Business Solutions

Free Anti-SPY Guard is a free tool designed to detect malicious software on your computer. The algorithm of the program allows it to detect spyware, viruses, trojans, rootkits and other malware that is not known yet.

stop virus filter software guard malicious fight

spam software

Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express by Alchemy Lab

Get rid of spam with Alchemy Spam Filter for Outlook Express! Using sophisticated Bayes algorithm and set of black and white rules, this spam killer will filter out all your junk email!

databases mail program spam filter anti spam solution self learning bayesian filter

artificial software

ArtificialNeuronalNetwork by logiware gmbh

This package implements an Artifical Neuronal Network (ANN), which is based on a backpropagtion algorithm for your Delphi or C++ Builder application.

network neural ann delphi artifical c- builder neuronal

 utility software

Crypton by Nigny Novgorod State University

Crypton is a multi-utility security suite, which provides strong security for you files Includes Blowfish algorithm for encryption and decryption, allows file compression and file complete deletion (erase beyond recovery)

file wiping traces strong security blowfish algorithm crypton encryption and decryption

islamic software

Hijri-Cal (Islamic Calendar) by DivineIslam

Perpetual Islamic Hijri Calendar & Converter. Displays Islamic/Gregorian dates in a dual calendar. It runs on your desktop TaskBar besides the windows clock. Date Prediction method is based on moon-phase data rather than an algorithm (more accurate).

displays converter lunar calendar calendar perpetual hijri hijri-cal

encryption software

Emsa EZ Encryption Tool by EMSA SYSTEMS LTD

EMSA EZ Encryption Tool is a simple encryption program for Windows which uses the Blowfish algorithm to encrypt files or text chunks. This algorithm is a strong encryption algorithm using a private key, therefore keeping your data safe. Freeware.

encryption tool text chunks private key simple encryption base64 encoding data safe

duplicateraser software

DuplicatEraseR2 by Dr. Bjoern Kesper IT-Consulting

DuplicatEraseR uses many different informations to find duplicate mp3 or image files. Based on a highly efficient attribute comparison algorithm dulicates are identified. The graphical user interface than allows for the direct comparison of files.

attribute short time image collection duplicates beeing two songs


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