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dictionary software

Artefact Dictionary by RSD Software

Artefact Dictionary integrates into the system and allows you to get an translation of any word or expression, regardless of which application displayed it. All you need to do - is to hold 'Alt' (or some other) key and select some text by the mouse.

dictionary webster translation explanatory explanation get explanation word regardless displayed

grep software

Subject Search Scanner by Kryloff Technologies, Inc.

SSScanner is a full-text search utility which scans files on your local or network drives looking for a given word or phrase. It is able to highlight those paragraphs where your search phrase is altered, modified or even misspelled!

grep full-text search text intelligent search search tools retrieval technology multi-language utility searching searches scans files local drives looking given phrase 38 languages

search software

Link Popularity Software And Link Exchange by Xperya Corporation S.A

This program will load a text file filled with domain names, and scan each domain name to see how many other sites link to that site on the internet. For example, the website has a rank of 92 points on Google, 35 on Altavista.

search link popularity url exchange submit post rank engines google altavista yahoo see how other sites link site internet

key trapping software

KeyTrap by ITB CompuPhase

Block Ctrl-Alt-Delete in Windows 2000 and Windows XP... (who said that it could not be done?) KeyTrap is a programmer's tool for Microsoft Windows (any Win32 version) that allows you to trap key presses (any key) and optionally block them.

key trapping key blocking keyboard hook keyboard trapping solution programmers intercepts blocks key presses

keyboard software

QPointer Keyboard by Commodio

For people looking for an alternative pointing device, QPointer Keyboard provides unique capabilities of keyboard-only operation of the whole computer. QPointer software turns a regular keyboard into a direct pointing device.

keyboard navigation mouseless disability device alternative rsi cts accessory assistive access computer peripherals erogonomic hands arthritis mobility impairment sclerosis

georeference software

RoboGEO by TimTech Computer

Georeference digital images with latitude, longitude, and altitude information. Stamp this info on the actual images or write to the EXIF headers. Works with any modern digital camera. No GPS required. F1 help. Low cost and easy to use.

georeference geocode geocaching gps exif gis tracklog latitude longitude altitude track log garmin g7towin jpg jpeg photo photos image images digital camera stamp

altdesk software

AltDesk by Gladiators Software

AltDesk is a virtual desktops' manager for Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000/XP. With this small application you can create numerous virtual desktops, saving screen space and adding more functionality to your computer.

altdesk virtual desktop manager skin skinable vdm altdesk virtual desktops manager 9x nt me 2000 xp skins support

promotion software

SignPoster by InterLyn

Need a higher ranking in the search engines? SignPoster can help you analyze, optimize and submit your site to search engines like Google, AltaVista, FAST, Inktomi and millions more to help your site get more search engine traffic.

promotion promote submit submission traffic doorway meta metatag meta-tag meta tag metatags google altavista lycos fast inktomi doorway pages submitting optimize optimization search engine rank ranking listing listings

internet speed software

Net Accelerator by Rizal Software Developers

Net Accelerat is a Internet speed booster that speeds up Web browsing, file downloading, emailing and online gaming dramatically. A much cheaper alternative to DSL or cable modems, Modem Booster can boost average Internet speed by 10-50% on the avera

internet speed speed up internet speed modem speed test internet software faster modem connection high speed internet speed up modem faster modem speed modem tweaking speed up to cable modem bandwidth speed test make my modem faster speed net accelerator internet speed booster speeds web browsing

dial software

Yonc by EmTec Innovative Software

Yonc is a feature rich program that assists you with internet connections. It allows you to dial with a single mouse click, can redial and offers idle disconnect or alternately idle disconnect prevention.

dial up networking internet idle web connection dun email system time online dial networking companion


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