Anaglyph Software

3d graphics software

Maelstrom by Aragon Systems

Maelstrom is the world's finest particle-system screen saver for Windows. It uses a fully realized three-dimensional graphics engine to evolve a wide variety of themes over time, producing visual effects that are absolutely stunning.

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astronomy software

StarStrider by FMJ-Software

StarStrider is a software planetarium that utilizes the latest in 3D-technology in order to show you not only the planets and satellites of our solar system, but also galaxies, nebulas, and hundreds of thousand of stars - in real-time 3D.

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fractal software

Virtual Flower by Robert Inventor

Create flowers and geometrical patterns in 3D. Watch them grow or unfold. A swirling pattern of stars suddenly coalesces into a geodesic sphere with the points gracefully touching. Save as VRML, animated jpegs, flash movies, or animation frames.

fractal tree flower virtual flower vrml 3d graphics anaglyph stereoscopic create virtual flowers geometrical animations 3d

images software

PicMaster by Alexander Sabov

Image Editing, Filtering, Digital Camera, WebCam, Slide Shows, Morphing, 3D Images, Video Capturing, Scanning, Catalog, Poster Printing and ... Thousands of Photoshop® compatible Filters from Internet includable. Over 300 Filters already included.

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image viewer software

AURELIO by Ahmed Bahaa

The world?s first photo and 3Dstereo image viewer that makes use of your vga card's hardware capabilities which enables you for the first time on PC to apply image effects and control their intensity dynamically by mouse wheel or keyboard.

image viewer imageviewer image viewer pixelshaders pixel shaders opengl stereo stereoscope anaglyph world?s first image viewer makes vga cards hardware

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