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homestar runner software

Homestar Runner Desktop Buddy

This animated software uses animated cartoon homestar runner characters to display on your desktop. Your desktop buddy displays your favorite homestar runner friends and buddies such as: The Cheat Coach Z Marzipan Strong Bad Homestar Runner

buddy desktop desktop buddy animated homestar the cheat homestar runner

screensaver software

Star Trek Screensaver

You know the original Star Trek show series from the TV show. Now you can have all of them on your desktop too! Star Trek Screensaver has a fully animated cartoon style feel to it. If you can't get enough when watching the movie the Original Star Trek this screensaver is for you!

original star star startrek tv free show screensaver

dragonball software

Dragonball Z Desktop Buddy

Dragonball Z Desktop Buddy uses animated cartoon Dragonball Z characters display on your desktop. Your desktop buddy displays your favorite Dragonball Z friends such as: Goku Gohan Goten Krillin Trunks Cell Frieza and lots more!

animated uses download dragonball desktop buddy cell trunks

screensaver software

Office Space Screensaver by Chunky Pig

Office Space is a well known movie about working in a software firm Innotech made in 1999. You know Office Space story from the movie and probably you like it. Now you can have it on your desktop too! Office Space Screensaver has a fully animated cartoon style Office Space feel to it. 

tell your friends cartoon style space fan space screensaver free office space animated cartoon

video software

Video MSU Cartoonizer plugin by Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

Want to create cartoons on your PC? The filter is designed for artistic painting and animated cartoon rendering. MSU Cartoonizer graphics filter has many parameters, which allow to obtain very interesting results.

movies plugin avisynth painting drawing cartoonizer rendering watercolor

screensaver software

Matrix Code Screensaver by Chunky Pig

Do you like The Martix movie? You know Neo, Trinity and Morpheous from The Matrix Movies. Now you can have them on your desktop too! Matrix Code Screensaver has a fully animated cartoon style matrix feel to it. If you can't get enough of the Matrix Code this screensaver is great!

code trinity screensaver trinity morheous matrix fully screen saver

south park software

South Park Desktop Buddy by Chunky Pig

South Park Desktop Buddy uses animated cartoon South Park characters display on your desktop. Your desktop buddy displays your favorite South Park friends such as: Cartman Stan Kyle Kenny Tweak Butters Ike Timmy The Mole

desktop buddy south park desktop timmy south park characters butters mole

screensaver software

DTgrafic Bus Stop 2 by DTgrafic GmbH

Hang around a bus stop in any large city and you would never know what will happen. That's the premise behind 'Bus Stop 2' game. With a cityscape in the background, various cartoon-like people and animals walk down a sidewalk.

bus stop felix skateboard hectic agin hilda

arcade games software

Dino and Aliens by NevoSoft

Not all dinosaurs and reptiles have died out. Our little bomb-throwing Dino character has survived to protect us from the alien invasion. He knows how to stand up for himself and is not afraid to take on even the toughest enemies. Download your free trial game version now.

bombs game features restore health uncontrollable urge electric piano distant planet

wallpaper software

Animated Wallpaper Maker by

Turn your pictures into animated wallpapers. With Animated Wallpaper Maker you can turn any image or photo into a beautiful animated background for your desktop. These animated backgrounds can replace your standard wallpaper and will give a new look to your desktop.

minimum system resources animated backgrounds photo animation wallpaper maker windows xp


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