Announcements Software

shareware software

Announce It! by WaverlyStreet

A shareware developers tool to streamline the tedious process of making program announcements, URL submissions, etc. No automatic posts or emails. Keeps records, and greatly speeds things up in general. Uses the same data fields as PAD.

shareware developer upload announcement distribution tool software program announcement helper developers

arclab software

Arclab MailList Controller Free Edition by ARCLAB SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES

MailList Controller is an email mailing list and marketing solution designed to send out personalized newsletters, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails.

arclab maillist controller email announcement list personalized email marketing software mailing list management double opt-in newsletter mailer listserver e-mail list software exchange mailing list personalized email custom fields fields

background music software

BMS Business Music System by NCH Swift Sound

The BMS Business Music System is software that runs on Windows computers as a powerful hard disk based background music player. Features auto-track selection, auto-play announcements, date-time sheduling and volume changes and more.

background music business music bgm bmg music in store in-store on premises on-premises program programs hard disk cd play players player muszak

mailing list software

Mailing Master by Michael Brick

With Mailing Master you can automate your mailings and your subscribe/unsubscribe lists and send each of your recipients an individual e-mail. The tool is perfect for newsletters, product upgrade announcements, support note or business notices.

mailing list e-mail email recipient newsletter group issue message mailing master distributes newsletters manages mailing lists

intranet software

IntraSmart - Intranet in a Box Software by Mindbridge Software

IntraSmart is a suite of software applications that allows organizations to set up an Intranet. Includes group calendar, company & departmental announcements, discussion board and document manager and much more.

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customizable clocks software

1-st Virtual Promotional Clock by

3D animated desktop clock comes in 80 different models. Clocks may be customized and used as promotional gifts. Humorous animations and sounds accompany useful features like alarms, notes, and announcements. It also can be set as a screensaver.

customizable clocks personalized clocks- promotional software reminders alarms notes business marketing advertising promotion website email marketing custom personalize screensaver 3d desktop customizable clock alarms notes reminders sounds animati

clocks software

1 Clock Domain by Ltd

3D animated desktop clock offers 70 different skins. Humorous animations and sounds accompany useful features like alarms, notes, and announcements. You can modify the size and desktop location of your clock. It also can be set as a screensaver.

clocks software 3d animated desktop clocks free desktop theme time utilities download alarm reminder notes skins 3d desktop clock alarms notes reminders animations skin exchange


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