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File Service Extension for IIS by CeeSoft, Inc.

Enhances IIS with anti-leech,concurrent connections from same IP limit,real-time connections monitor,custom directory browsing page.

iis trace leech monitor connections limit protect activity analysis concurrent real-time link protect current status administration online on-line realtime period directory monitoring

iis sniffer dog software

IIS Anti-leech Sniffer Dog by VersalSoft

UISD is an IIS plug-in that will protect your web site from bad people stealing your traffic by directly linking to the resouce on your server. If you have an image collection, video, software or document archives, Flash games is a right product for you.

iis sniffer dog anti-leech files stop and prevent hotlink bandwidth theft hotlinking file leeching bandwidth bandits hot links bandwidth leeching hotlinks external linking remote linking univeralsoft shanghai of china iis sniffer dog complex networks anti-hotlink stop prevent hotlink bandwidth theft

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