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internet software - EMAILSERVER by XENTEC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - EMAILSERVER is an extensive email server with many functions. Unlimited user accounts, unlimited domains and sub-domains, unlimited email addresses and mailboxes, protocols TCP/IP, HTTP, ESMTP / EPOP3 / ESDML etc...

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spam software

Junk-Out 2007 for Outlook 2007/2003 by The Office Maven

Junk-Out is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that uses statistical (Bayesian) techniques to filter out junk e-mail (i.e. SPAM) from incoming messages.

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e-mail filter software

SpamBurner by LLC

A sophisticated and powerful anti-spam program, and e-mail viewer, with a remarkably efficient, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface.

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anti-spam software

Spam Alarm for POP3 by Dignity Software

Spam Alarm 2.0 is an anti-spam and junk e-mail filtering tool that is designed to prevent unwanted mail from your POP 3 accounts. Spam Alarm 2.0 works directly with POP3 servers.

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mailinfo software

Mailinfo by Mailinfo

Mailinfo allows you to verify that your email messages have actually been received and notifies you when the message has been read.

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email software

Mailbox Guard by Piotr J. Walczak

The ultimate email protection against the cyberscam. It is effective against SPAM, viruses, worms, spyware and obscenity.

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