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windows registry cleaner software

RegVac by Super Win Software, Inc.

RegVac - Eight Tools to Clean your Registry Why buy several programs to clean your registry when RegVac will do it all and more. Some of the tools in RegVac are not available anywhere else.

windows registry cleaner regclean add-remove registry gets filthy collection tools will clean

sms software

Meslink by Telelogix Software (Pvt.) Ltd

Convert any image into a cell phone logo or picture SMS through an image-to-logo conversion facility by simple drag and drop, and then send it as an SMS. You can also send text SMS anywhere around the world.

sms cell phone logo image to logo conversion global sms mobile phone management logo converter picture sms sending sms worldwide meslink convert image cell phone logo popular makes send global sms

intellipointer software

IntelliPointer-UltraPrecision by MRT Research

Move your mouse pointer with single pixel accuracy. At the same time, move the pointer comfortably and smoothly to anywhere on the computer screen with a small, slow movement of your hand.

intellipointer pointer cursor graphics image editing small movement ergonomic office productivity software mouse trackball touchpad precision fatigue rsi repetitive strain injury cts carpal tunnel access easy

intellipointer software

IntelliPointer by MRT Research

IntelliPointer is ergonomic mouse software that reduces hand movement and strain. Allows for easy and precise movement of the pointer to anywhere on the computer screen with a small, slow movement of the hand.

intellipointer pointer fast cursor ergonomic office productivity software mouse trackball touchpad precision web internet browsing fatigue rsi repetitive strain injury cts carpal tunnel access easy

shell software

Folder Organizer by H-SW

Award winning, elegant, unobtrusive and easy-to-use Desktop tool that makes your work with files and folders extremely streamlined and simplified. Using it you can effortlessly open your favorite folders anytime, anywhere and from any application.

shell desktop utility favorite shortcut open directory drive folder organize organizer logically organize take total control folders

remote access software

I'm InTouch by 01 Communique

Interact with your PC from any wireless device or computer with Internet access. Read and respond to Outlook email, calendar and contact info, view email attachments, view or download PC files and/or control your PC and any application from anywhere

remote access software remote control software remote email contact management software online calendar software file management pc remote access streaming video software wireless email remote access service interact pc wireless device computer internet access

lpr software

Brooks INTELLIscribe LPR Client by Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

INTELLIscribe - LPR Print Client enabling you to seamlessly send documents to printers and print servers anywhere in the world using the TCP/IP Internet protocol. Easy to set up & use including excellent documentation to get you up & running quickly.

lpr print client ip printing network printing winlpr lan print wan print remote print intelliscribe lpr print client remote ip printing

mail software

WinMail by Force10 Software

WinMail is an easy to use email client that uses the POP3 protocol so you can send and receive email from anywhere.

mail email email client send mail get mail winmail easy email client uses pop3 protocol

pdf software

PDF Page Numberer by Traction Software

PDF Page Numberer is a Acrobat plug-in tool for Acrobat Which is used to automatically page number your documents, you can put customizable page numbers anywhere on the page, with any font size, font name & other features.

pdf page number numberer stamp automatically page number documents

smtp software

SMTP Spotter by Desktop Solution Center

With the problems of SPAM, most ISPs now block SMTP relay, that is, the ability to send email from anywhere back through your server to wherever you want. SMTP Spotter solves that by finding a local valid SMTP server that will allow you to send mail

smtp mail email server send pop travel move between home office hotspots while finding email servers easily


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