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globe software

Winglobe by Dirk Djuga

A stunning 3D interactive globe that shows more than 2800 cities and all countries of the world. Keep track of local time and population and the current weather anywhere on earth.

globe earth map time weather population world spinning 3d interactive globe desktop

e-commerce software

PeddleGold by ImagineNation Inc

PeddleGold :: Host anywhere. Credit card ready. Instantly turn your web site into a storefront with PeddleGold. Create a table of products; add it to your web site with the PeddleGold container and you have a feature rich on-line store.

e-commerce storefront software shopping cart credit cards peddlegold instant e-commerce storefront host anywhere credit card ready

webcams software

Magellan by EyeSpyFX

Broadcast your web cam from home or work, view from anywhere. View via WWW or mobile phone. Camera listings show only live cameras.Full password privacy protection.

webcams webcam camera video streaming images software broadcast software remote access secure password queue community eyespyfx magellan fast high quality pan tilt chat box doorbell robotics

cheap calls software

Beyond Phone by Beyond Phone

Beyond Phone is the best internet phone service. Now you can make substantial savings on every call you make. It allows you to call from your PC from anywhere to anywhere in the world at lowest rates ever. For more details please visit our site.

cheap calls cheap long distance internet telephony ip telephony internet phone internet telephone iphone net2phone nettophone net-to-phone pc2phone pc-2-phone pc to phone pc2phone pc-to-phone voip calling vocaltec voice on the net webphone web phone

alexeysoft software

AlexeySoft Color Picker Pro by AlexeySoft

AlexeySoft Color Picker(ASCP) will help you to pick the color you need from anywhere on the screen in selected your formats and send color to AdobePhotoshop 5-7 and CorelDraw 10 or to clipboard.

alexeysoft color picker html web vb vc delphi active plugin adobe photoshop corel draw color picker active plugin adobe corel pick color need anywhere

copy software

AnyWhere Pro by Liquid Mirror Software

AnyWhere 6 Pro allows you to right click on files and folders to copy, move, zip, rename, and securely delete them. Copying filenames to the clipboard, replacing text within many files and making groups of files and folders writeable is just as easy.

copy move zip replace text secure delete file context right click sendto send rename read only filename clipboard

internet privacy software

Advanced Anti Keylogger by Spydex Inc

Advanced Anti Keylogger is powerful but easy to use anti-spy software to prohibit operation of any keyloggers currently in use or presently being developed anywhere. Once installed our anti-spy software will protect your privacy immediately.

internet privacy internet security evidence eliminator spy hunter anti spy anti hacker privacy software anti spy software desktop security internet spy anti spy xp office security anti spyware remove spyware privacy protection spyware remover business security online privacy detect spyware anti keylogger

browse software

Browse Anywhere by ZhangDuo Corporation International

Browse Anywhere enables you to visit any web site or download anything from the Internet by employing Global Route technique choosing the best route among all Internet highways. No more restricted website.

browse anywhere browser explorer ie internet proxy anonymous surf privacy zhangduo browse website global route technique protect privacy

color picker software

Cool Color Picker by Color-Picker Inc

Cool Color Picker is a tool to pick color you need anywhere on the screen and change the color code into the format you need.With this tool,you can get kinds of color code,just after click serveral times.You can even create your own Format.

color picker pick color color pick capture color color capture get color color get color format rgb hsl cool color picker help pick color anywhere screen

character software

Accents by Overtech Technologies

You want pi? Type in N, it looks like pi - and BAM! Click the pi symbol! Now you can paste it anywhere you want! Want an accented a? Then type the letter a and BAM! Click the accented a that you want! It's easy to use and will work with most programs

character map charmap accents symbols insert word processing perfect office why character map accents faster easier


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