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Hacknoid by Thunder River Entertainment

Hacknoid is the ultimate 3D Arkanoid clone, evolved from the ball-and-paddle games pioneered back in the early 70's with Atari's Pong! Hacknoid brings you all-new challenges, and is the first version to be truly three dimensional.

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weather software

PC Weather Machine by Roberto Hufnagel

PC Weather Machine is an integrated weather- monitoring tool offering more meteorological information than most weather modules. Displays the meteorological conditions, weather maps and sites for the places of your choice

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video software

Atrise Terminal Video Player by Atrise Software Co.

Atrise TVP is a fullscreen loop video player for public places: terminals, shops, casino, home, etc. The program shows no any GUI controls and automatically starts playing in a full screen mode.

video presentation loop player avi terminal shop

editors software

Multi-Edit 2008 Lite for SAS by Multi-Edit Software, Inc.

Multi-Edit Lite for SAS 2008 is a modern IDE that is customizable, extendable and allows the creation of your own tools, capable of operating within the editing environment. Support included for over 50 languages. Edit within a single environment!

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