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weights and measure local area network capture area
units of measure converter notification area local area networks
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data extraction software

VistaMetrix by SkillCrest, LLC

Data extraction from a graphical image where the data used to produce that image is unavailable. Provides tools overlaying the image to extract graph values, distances, areas, angles, or color values. Values can be saved to XLS or TXT files.

data extraction distance measurement distance graph graphics area area measure color color picker angle measurement angle finance engineering education science environmental geography geoscience mapping

image measurement software

Bersoft Image Measurement by Bersoft Inc.

Supports image analysis functions: angle, distance, perimeter, area, point and line measurements. Includes pixel profile, array/band analyzer, finding objects, and histogram with statistics. Now also supports DICOM, Photoshop and Photo-CD file.

image measurement gis image analyzing map measurement medical image measurement image analysis measures analyzes digital images

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