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GUNS GIRLS LAWYERS DOLLARS - AD Edition by Strategy Lights Studios

Build your own world business empire as an arms dealer. Travel around the world, trade with more than 400 weapon systems, hire secretaries, bodyguards, lawyers, fighters and tanks, establish company stations and search for criminals and hostages.

strategy simulation business guns girls lawyers dollars war trade combat army air secretary urban criminal agent spy

doneex software

DoneEx INI-File Manager DLL by DoneEx

You can create new or load existed INI-file and manage sections and keys in it. You can produce action with sections and keys of INI-file as: - search, add, delete sections and keys - retrieve, change, encrypt or decrypt keys and whole file.

doneex ini config configuration cnf initialization inifile control ini-file file manager dll library software development tool c cpp vb vb6 delphi registry visual basic c

torndao flash player software

Tornado Flash Player by UsShare Software

Tornado Flash Player is a very easy-to-use flash player which not only reinforces functions provided by Macromedia Flash Player, but also has its own expanding that give you the opportunities to enjoy or collect flash and manage your flash movie file

torndao flash player extract music extract pictures

shutdown software

DimichSoft SecurityDog by DimichSoft

Prevent your computer from being shut down or re-started

shutdown shut down restart restartin reboot rebooting security dimichsoft dimichsoft securitydog security dog prevent computer being shut down re-started

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