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activex software

Chilkat ASP.NET Email Component by Chilkat Software, Inc.

.NET SMTP / POP3 Email Component with S/MIME for signed and encrypted mail, attachments, HTML mail, Auto-Zip and Unzip attachments, XML import and export, SMTP authorization, Outlook integration, distribution lists, internationalized, mail-merge.

activex com component email pop3 smtp mime xml s-mime mail attachment alternative c foxpro delphi microsoft borland

image resizing software

Active Image Processing Component by Utralshareware Software

Load and save multiple image format like jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp and tiff. Support image resizing.Support image processing method: brightness, contrast, hue, saturation,sharpness and smoothness adjustment.Support drawing text, line and shape.

image resizing conversion and processing component control software

FileVistaControl by GleamTech

FileVistaControl is an ASP.NET user control (.ascx control) which you can add directly to your existing ASP.NET (.aspx) pages. The control renders an user interface similar to "Windows Explorer" within the page. control web file manager web based file manager asp net file manager alternative to ftp http file manager web based file management online file management host file manager script file manager web file management website file manager

flow software

NetDiagram ASP.NET Control by MindFusion LLC

NetDiagram is a general-purpose software component that can be used to display various types of flow diagrams and charts in web applications. It is implemented as a .NET web control and can be easily integrated into any project targeting ASP.NET.

flow flowchart chart diagram workflow organizational process hierarchy network control component software

csNetDownload by Chestysoft

This is an ASP.NET class that controls binary file downloads to the browser, allowing for user verification before downloading and record keeping after downloading. There are also functions to retrieve a file from a remote URL. Free trial available. dotnet component dll aspnet net download stream file http save server password protect

.net excel read software

Spire.XLS by e-iceblue

Spire.XLS is the powerful .NET component suit for opening and saving native MS Excel files. Quickly and easily imports and exports data with one line of code , Save your much time andmoney by using Spire.XLS..

.net excel read .net excel write c# excel export c# excel import software

.NET Documentation Tool by Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited

The .NET Documentation Tool builds documentation for .NET Framework projects written in VB.NET and C# (ASP.NET also supported). Reports are created in HTML, Microsoft HTML Help and RTF formats. Includes documentation. c# csharp .net framework code document documentation documentor ndoc documenter help sql server access database 1.0

spell software

TachyonSpell.NET by Tachyon Labs

Easily integrate spell-checker capabilities to your existing applications with only a few lines of code. Written in 100% C# Managed Code. Includes English, German, French, Spanish and Italian dictionaries, with full support for new languages.

spell check vb-net visual basic dll dictionary english spanish italian german french word list wordlist spelling managed net framework assembly class library strong name

microsoft sql server software

MS SQL Data Wizard by SQL Maestro Group

MS SQL Data Wizard is a powerful Windows GUI utility for managing your SQL Server data. It provides you with a number of easy-to-use wizards for performing the required data manipulation easily and quickly.

microsoft sql server sql server sql server2005 gui admin tool data management wizard export import aspx php generator database software

SohoCalendar by

SohoCalendar has been implemented in order to provide ASP.NET developers with an easy yet visual way to select date and/or time in web forms and applications. .net webcontrols .net calendar date time select visual way select date time asp net


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