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world time software

WorldTimer by Castle Software Ltd

World time zone clock with world map and atomic clock synchronization.

world time clock international timezone timer countdown alarm world map world time zone clock world map atomic clock synchronization

timepiece software

Elegant Clock by A&K's Soft

Elegant Clock is a good-looking skinnable analog clock.

timepiece analog clock skins elegant elegant clock wristwatch grandfather clock elegant clock good-looking skinnable analog clock

voice software

SI-Metric Office by ButterflyVista

Voice integrated with reminders, clock synchronization, unit conversions, more.

voice atomic clock synchronization time tasks reminders unit conversion alarms timezone power speed storage volume area distance world map weight temperature pressure international theme desktop system tray

desktop software

Ace Clock XP by ECREW Developers

Style time to suit your taste with this versatile speaking desktop clock

desktop organizer clock sticker synchronization alarm calendar transparent skins free internet atomic shell schedule speak organize

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