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Space Synthesizer Mac by MHC

The Space Synth is a polyphonic AU instrument plugin, with an ambient sound. It is suitable for ambient music, space music, ambient techno and electronic music in general. The bundle inludes 15 other plugins.

au audiounit plugin audio synth synthesizer sound space synth polyphonic au instrument plugin ambient sound

au software

Flex FX Mac by MHC

The Flex FX AU plugin package contains 6 different effect plugins, the Amplitude Modulator, the Chaotic Lowpass Filter, the Chaotic Highpass Filter, the Ensemble effect, the Stereo Feedback Delay and the Fat Resonator.

au audiounit plugin audio effect sound flex fx au plugin package which contains 6 different effect plugins

au software

Voxynth Mac by MHC

Voxynth is a synthesizer (AU), which can be used to create vocal sounds or synthetic choirs. In addition, the MIDI synth has a stereo delay and comes with 64 factory patches and a manual (Adobe Acrobat).

au audiounit plugin audio effect sound voxynth synthesizer au create vocal sounds synthetic choirs

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