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asp component software

Pivo SSH Component by Pivo Corporation

Pivo SSH was developed for commercial organization for securing remote shell access. The protocol supports compression and tunneling multiple TCP connections over one secured connection. Pivo SSH supports various authentication schemes.

asp .net component ssh email parser .net component smtp asp email

safe software

SafeLogon by GemiScorp

SafeLogon is a multi-user and password-based access control utility that enhances and complements the Windows built-in logon and authentication system. It allows you to protect your system at home and office from unauthorized access, and much more...

restrict access security related start menu taskbar windows versions complements

sniff software

SniffPass by NirSoft Freeware

Capture the passwords that pass through your network adapter, and display them on the screen instantly. SniffPass can capture the passwords of the following Protocols: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, FTP, and HTTP (basic authentication passwords).

ftp imap4 http sniff pop3 smtp capture

secure web reverse proxy software

Fastream IQ Reverse Proxy by Fastream Technologies

Secure your web server with cache, load-balancing, gzip, bw limits, NTLM/HTML/digest authentication and SSL only the best architectural design and highest performance and security for the Windows platform by utilizing multiple CPUs/CPU-cores.

http server ssl web server http bandwidth limit fastream secure web reverse proxy

protect software

Mobileshield by Protectmobile

This mobile software is to notify the predefined mobile numbers whenever the Sim Card is changed, if authentication fails it sends out an SMS to predefined numbers without manual

features software mobile numbers registration password manual intervention authentication sms

base64 software

Authentication by Noel DANJOU

Basic Authentication is a little program that converts a user name (login) and optionally a password to/from their Base64 Basic Authentication counterpart.

login base64 password decoding basic base64 convert

website login script software

PHP Site Lock Pro by Kalptaru Infotech Ltd.

A highly secure login script for User Authentication & Management, Website Password Protection, protection of pdf, images, etc

website password protection user authentication & management website login script & subscription management

radius software

Radl Free Radius server by LUTEUS

The main goal of the Radius server (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) is to centralize the authentication information (name, password, keys ..) attached to users. It is frequently used with Remote Access Server equipments and Dial-in users.

ppp rfc 2865 port 1812 access server rfc2865 radius authentication

security software

Too Many Secrets by FDSoftware

With TMS you can store your password, authentication code, gaming code and organize them in a 2 level tree-structure with categories. The Password File are encrypted with a proprietary method.

internet web tms encryption password pim security

 authent i software

Authent-I by PDX Software

Authent-I includes over 20 forms of authentication hashes supported, including the popular MD5, CRC, & SHA methods! Also, you get an intricate file comparison tool that verifies every file and finds any duplicates! And there's more!

sum compare verify gost authenticate md5 authent i


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