Automactic Software

midi software

ChordComposer by Shanghai Advance Info.& Tech.Co.,Ltd.

Chord Composer is a composer software with automactic accompaniment function, with Built-in 100 accompaniment styles make it easy for the user to quickly design a perfection song.

midi music staff note lyric chord composer composer software accompaniment function

document comparison software

Diff Doc-English Only by Softinterface, Inc.

Document comparison tool. Works with any file type. Fast and accurate. Automate your comparisons. Highly detailed reports can do letter by letter highlighting. Compare whole folders at a time.

document comparison compare files compare document compare excel compare pdf comparison excel word comparison file comparison compare text compare txt text comparison txt comparison diff text diff doc diff diff file

invoice software

kBilling - Invoice Software by K Software

Invoicing software that allows you to easily manage your customers, invoices, contacts, subscriptions and products. Professional PDF invoice generation, customer account tracking, customizable reports and more! Free fully functional demo!

invoice invoicing billing accounting finance subscription create email invoices do subscription billing track customers contacts

data services layer software

TCDesigner Professional by Program Solutions LLC

TCDesigner is an active source code generator for C# and VB.NET. TCDesigner quickly generates a complete data services and UI layer for yourWinForms or WebForms .Net application. Generate a complete application in 3 clicks!

data services layer tier generator o-r mapper mapping code generator source code generator vb net generate complete app 3 clicks

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